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From solo developer, Ernestas Norvaišas and Team17 comes Sweet Transit a strategic city building game set in a world where trains are the only means for transportation and expansion.

Starting out small with just a warehouse and a route to the outside world, you’ll create, design, and construct your own self-sufficient cities powered by smart rail networks.

Build factories and farms, manage your resources, and watch as people flock to your city. But your new inhabitants won’t always be happy, you must take care of your people and ensure their needs are fulfilled so that your city can thrive.

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Ernestas Norvaišas

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Evolve your worlds with trains

Build remarkable railways and expand your train network to meet the demands of your growing cities. But construction won’t always be easy and the terrain around you can be puzzling. You must work around the obstacles and find ways to make your rail network a rousing success.

Keep your people happy

As your cities expand, so will the population. Put your people to work in factories and farms to keep up with the demand for goods and services. Your citizens also have needs and will need to feel happy and motivated to keep working for you. Letting morale slip can have big consequences.

Production is power

Automate production processes and build a network of production chains to ensure that demands for resources including coal, food and wood are always met. Expand your cities with more farms, factories, and train routes to ramp up production.

Maps and modding

Enjoy a different experience each time you play Sweet Transit with multiple playable maps that each come with their own challenges and circumstances. Use modding to add new structures, trains, and rules and change the way you play each time.

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Sweet Transit city with hedgerows
Sweet Transit jet train

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