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What we look for are great games – absolutely nothing is more important than that! We love to work with passionate people who want to create and bring great gaming experiences to players. We are both genre and platform agnostic, with the experience and knowledge to help you at all stages of creative development and the publishing lifecycle. Fundamental to our partnerships is how we can help you become financially sustainable to achieve long term success.

IP & Product incubation

150+ employee internal creative development studio providing essential resources including additional code, art, audio, design, quality assurance, usability, localization, release management, cross-platform development, and support services

Go-to-market execution

Experience, skill-sets, and know-how to create consumer awareness and discoverability on digital distribution platforms through sales, marketing, events, public relations, social channels, and community marketing

Funding & Lifecycle management

Project-based funding and maximising long term enhanced revenue of games through dynamic price management, incremental downloadable content, promotional planning, and strategic additional platform releases

We know how to help

Team17 is led by a senior management team with over 300 years’ combined experience.

Team17 has strong relationships across all key platforms including Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Steam, Apple, and Google alongside a proven capability in identifying how to make a good game great. We also know the right way to bring those games to market and maximise the long term revenues and opportunities

Game Successes

We are not just a publisher, here are just a few examples of current partnerships

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Golf with your Friends

After three years in Steam Early Access, self-taught developer Blacklight Interactive realised they needed help to achieve the full potential of their wildly popular mini golf game. In a unique partnership, Team17 took development in-house and focused on refining the quality of existing content, raised its value with brand new stages, including Worms and Escapists themed courses, and created three console conversions, including a popular and highly valuable Game Pass offering that’s proved perfect for populating frantic 12-player matches!

Out Now

Hell Let Loose

Partnering with Black Matter after their Kickstarter success was a huge privilege. This young team developed an impressive new spin on the WWII FPS with its massive 50v50 simulation, and presented a great opportunity for Team17’s programmers to help them nail the ambitious online needs. Of course, a 100-player game needs a huge player base, which is where our marketing, community and sales teams employed their Early Access expertise to keep a legion of fans engaged and active. We’re proud to see the hard work pay off, and Hell Let Loose is still growing today!

Out Now

Moving Out

When SMG Studio – a great developer with its own publishing experience – first spoke to us about teaming up on Moving Out, we took it as a huge compliment. The family friendly, couch co-op game had obvious parallels with Team17’s catalogue of multiplayer hits, which meant that SMG could benefit from both our design consultancy and addressable audience. Moving Out is now played by friends and families all over the world, so we like to think we made a great match!

Out Now

Overcooked! 2

Team17 isn’t just a publisher, we’re a games studio too, with over 30 years of experience! So when it became clear that there was appetite for a sequel to Ghost Town Games’ incredible Overcooked!, our development studio offered a great opportunity to level up. Working closely with Ghost Town Games’ three founders, we brought a larger team to the project to add exciting new stages and mechanics while also adding full online multiplayer. Followed up with several free and paid DLC packs, it’s clear that the audience loved Overcooked! 2 and are still hungry for more!

"There are a lot of risks associated with independent development, lots of decisions you make as a studio that leave your heart in your mouth. Deciding to team up with Team17 is definitely one of the decisions we're happiest with, it's been great working with such friendly people with such an amazing amount of talent and experience"
Oli and Phil, Ghost Town Games
“Team17 definitely falls into the “good” pile of publishers I’ve worked with. When developing Yoku’s Island Express, they did a fantastic job of supporting where we needed it: QA, localization, usability-testing, and the best release management I’ve ever worked with, made it possible for us to simultaneously ship on 4 platforms with our tiny team. 10/10 - would work with again.”
Jens Andersson, Villa Gorilla
"Our partnership with Team17 has been key to the success of Blasphemous. During the development, they offered wise advice coming from their long career as developers. And finally, they were able to place our IP on the most powerful promotion channels, some of the usually out of reach for indie developers."
Mauricio Garcia, The Game Kitchen
"What I like the most about Team17 is the amount of manpower they provide to support the development of my project and I still get to keep creative control on it"
Denis Sinner, Moi Rai Games
"Team17s indie partnership program is more than just a publishing deal. They're experienced developers as well and know what creating a game and bringing it to market is all about. Worms is a prime example of this - an indie game concept they took on board, still going strong over 20 years later. The hands-on help and resources they've given me on my game The Escapists has been invaluable, and I'm very pleased to be working alongside such a talented and experienced group."
Chris Davis, Mouldy Toof

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