Want to play the latest games before anyone else? Then sign up to get involved with our User Research program and help shape the future of the games within Team17’s label!


Want to visit our usability lab? Then take part in our User Research Program and come play new games before anybody else. Can’t be there in person? Don’t worry! We also run remote usability labs through Discord.

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Help ensure our games are ready and raring to launch, your playing and feedback lets us know what works best or needs tweaks in the last stages of development.

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User Research is a great way to get involved in the creation of new games, and you don’t even need any experience to join in!

User Research is all about you, the player. It’s a vital part of game creation and allows us to make experiences accessible for everyone. Here at our usability lab, based in our studio in Wakefield, we invite you to come and join us; no two sessions are the same.

You may find yourself testing out the controls for a console release, reviewing tutorials to see how effective they are, letting us know whether a level is too easy or too difficult, or we may just ask you to sit back, play a game, and let us know your thoughts.

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Players are key to us

Anyone can take part in our user research program. You don’t have to be a budding game designer or developer, and you don’t even have to be good at games – you just need to enjoy playing. It’s you, the player, that’s important to us. Your opinions help shape our games and we’re always listening. Come and visit us at Team17 and help transform our games into something amazing!

All we ask is that you communicate your ideas, be unafraid to contradict others with your opinions, and provide critical feedback. We expect you to be reliable, responsible, and to treat others with respect. If this sounds like you then sign up.

If you don’t fancy doing it alone, you and your friends can sign up to our user research program as a group and you can attend as many sessions as you like!

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Bragging Rights

As soon as the games announced, you can brag you were one of the first to play!

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Shaping The Game

You are helping shape the game, plus you can add the experience to your CV!



Paid for your time and in with a chance for loot, name in credits or a game key upon release

Past & Current Projects

These games are just a few that are currently, or were, played in our User Research program

Out Now

The Survivalists

A living world full of surprises, secrets and danger awaits in The Survivalists, an adventure-filled survival sandbox set in The Escapists universe.

Out Now

Worms Rumble

Dive into epic 32-player Battle Royale and Deathmatch modes with full multi-platform cross-play as you fight to be the last worm standing!

Out Now

Main Assembly

You’re the designer, engineer and architect - If you can imagine it you can create it! Construct robots of any shape or size from eight-legged spider bots to eerie UFO contraptions.

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I have enjoyed the experience of playtesting games that haven't even been released to the public yet and giving my honest options for various areas of the games.
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Being part of usability testing is an enjoyable and interesting experience. It is exciting to play unannounced games and be a part of the development process - it is satisfying to see that my feedback was clearly reflected in the product as they made changes based on how users like me play the game.
User Research – Carousel – Narita Boy
I enjoy the experience of seeing the changes my feedback makes, as it shows that the time I spend is important and everything is taken into consideration, and doing the testing with other people has also helped build confidence in public situations.
User Research – Carousel – Thymesia
I loved taking part in user research with Team17, it’s such a fun experience because you get to play some great games before they’re released and also meet new people while you’re there! The staff are also the loveliest people ever so that’s nice too :)
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Taking part in the research has been fun and rewarding. I've had the opportunity to play some cool new games I may never have tried otherwise, and have a giggle. The test atmosphere is relaxed, the staff are very friendly, and it's been nice to meet some new people!


Sometimes we need lots of players to look at a game at once, such as when we’re stress testing multiplayer servers, or just testing a game that requires a lot of players. For this, we run beta tests, rather than traditional usability sessions.

What’s the Difference?

Beta testing is further along in the game development process, at a critical milestone or more often in the run up to the launch of the game. The feedback still determines future development decisions but also the final development tweaks required. It is conducted via keys or online, so you play in your own chosen location. You’ll have a period of a few days to play the game on your own time and be asked to fill out a survey at the end of the test to let us know your thoughts.

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