Sweet Transit Update 3 Swift Expedition

Sweet Transit’s third update – Swift Expedition has arrived at the platform, with a load of new additions and changes in tow!

Attention passengers! It’s time to board Sweet Transit Update 3 – Swift Expedition, a very exciting milestone for Sweet Transit! This update doubles the train count with six new locomotives, including the new jet trains. There’s also a rework of the attractiveness system, complete UI overhaul and more!

Watch the trailer:

New Additions
  • Added SDF10 locomotive
  • Added DMU10 locomotive
  • Added DT30 locomotive
  • Added DT30 passenger wagon
  • Added Jet10 locomotive
  • Added Jet10 passenger wagon
  • Added Jet20 locomotive
  • Added DTJet locomotive
  • Added requirement chain signal
  • Added zoom to cursor toggle option
  • Added edge scrolling toggle option
  • Added quick selection items
  • Added total upkeep tool tip for settlements and other selections
  • Added random name generation for settlements
  • Added option to disable bonus goods consumption from settlements
  • Added last and best saves for scenarios
  • Added deposits preview in new game map generation
  • Added Jet train achievement
  • Added town hedge decorations
  • Added palm decorations
  • Added town statue decorations
  • Added attractiveness bonus to residences near nature such as water, mountains, trees
  • Added Distillation column to produce Jet Fuel
  • Added Jet fuel storage structure
  • Added automatic park arrangement variations after a certain size
  • Added old saves attractiveness bonus to make them playable
  • Added auto route naming based on destinations
  • Added infinite goals after progression is finished
  • Added option to disable settlement commercial structures
  • Added guided lines in build mode
  • Added history in UI to remember scroll positions and opened tabs
  • Added multiple fuel locomotive requirement for DTJet
  • Added Craftsmen Water Tower

Sweet Transit jet train

  • Complete UI overhaul
  • New requirement signals visuals
  • Made town hall buildable from the build list
  • Made residences upkeep and goods consumption based on inhabitants
  • Made build hotkey copy selected object together with variation and direction
  • Made trains stop one tile closer if station platforms end with a signal
  • Made trains stop at the end of the station platforms rail instead of the middle
  • Made trains load only the needed amount of workers in settlements
  • Made terrain generation fill “puddles” with land
  • Made terrain generation fill small patches of land with water;
  • Made wait for specific time condition trains leave only on required minute
  • Made toggle remove mode hotkey open remove mode if not in build mode
  • Made world names UI get transparent in build mode once the cursor is close
  • Made fonts dynamically adjust the resolution to avoid non-readable or blurry text
  • Increased destinations stamps generation based on global train utilisation
  • Increased max stamps cost limit from 100k to 1000k
  • Decreased tools and books consumption
  • Removed town hall upgrade requirements
  • Removed next song UI popup
  • Updated Paris preset
  • Updated progression requirements
  • Updated generation deposits placement
  • Updated world selection visualisation and colours

Sweet Transit city with hedgerows

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