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Hammerting is a colony building mining and crafting game where you will manage a clan of rambunctious dwarves in the unexplored Mountains of Mara. Buy now on steam.

As a terrible conflict rages on the surface, it’s the dwarves of Mara’s duty to help their comrades by mining and crafting weapons in the depths below. Starting out with a small colony, you’ll steadily grow your operations by completing requests and delivering powerful weapons to your allies. Establish an epic mining operation and transform your colony into legendary craftspeople.

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Banner art for Hammerting. The dwarven colony sim game from Team17

Craft Powerful Tools

Your allies on the surface world will have all kinds of requests for your colony. You may be tasked with mining silver so that you can craft a surplus of swords or mining diamonds so you can craft a crown for an elf princess. Every request you complete will improve the skills possessed by your colony and will provide you with tools to improve your base.

Screenshot taken from Hammerting showing the crafting process

Dwarf Management

No two members of your colony is the same, each dwarf possesses their own unique set of stats and abilities. Explore the strengths and weaknesses of your colony and examine their rich ancestries. Will a clan member with a rich and affluent ancestry clash with member of humble beginnings? Use your management skills and utilise your colony members in the most effective way.

Screenshot taken from Hammerting showing a conversation between two dwarves in the colony.

Base Building

Upgrading and making improvements to your base will not only expand your operations, it will also keep your colony happy. Build bigger and more advanced crafting rooms with functional ladders, elevators, and conveyer belts as well as rooms which will provide auxiliary functions including a tavern, great hall, and infirmary.

Screenshot from Hammerting showing a new part of the base being built.

Explore The Depths

The further down into the Mountains of Mara you explore the more impressive the materials you will uncover, from rare treasures to blazing hot magma. But keep your wits about you, conditions will worsen, and you may encounter dangers on the way. Ensuring that your colony has safe passage will be a very important consideration.

Screenshot from Hammerting showing a colony member exploring the depths.

Keep Evil at Bay

You never know what you’ll have to fight in the depths. From mischievous bats to a horrifying necromancer with a team of evil skeletons at their command. Different weapons have different styles. A dwarf swinging a two-handed hammer will make a group of goblins fly in different directions whereas a dwarf wielding a sword might chop one head off at a time.

Screenshot from Hammerting showing the colony fighting off a group of monsters.

Minimum system requirements

For PC
  • OS Windows 8.1 or newer. 64-bit.
  • Processor Intel® iCore™ i3-550 or AMD® Phenom II X6 1055T
  • Memory 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics Radeon R9 Series, GeForce 600 series, Intel Skylake, or newer. 2GB DDR
  • Hard Drive 2 GB available space
  • Additional Notes Requires the graphics card to be compatible with Vulkan 1.1


Screenshot taken from Hammerting
Screenshot from Hammerting
Screenshot from Hammerting
Screenshot from Hammerting
Screenshot from Hammerting
Screenshot from Hammerting
Screenshot from Hammerting


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