Good day, Dwarves!

We’re delighted to announce that Hammerting will launch on Steam — November 16th!

Nestled away in the Mountains of Mara, Hammerting follows a community of dwarves as they explore, build, craft, and mine to develop their stronghold. From humble beginnings and a handful of dwarves, develop their base to unparalleled depths underneath the mountain range, as they send valuable resources, weapons, and supplies to the surface.

Pickaxes at the ready, the Mountains of Mara await:

Throughout its time in Steam Early Access over the past 10 months, Hammerting has received a hoard of updates that’s built upon a solid foundation. These have included The Fluids Update, which brought lava and water to the cavernous environments the dwarves call home, together with new tavern and drinks recipes, ingredients, and knowledges. The Overworld Update introduced an overhauled Overworld featuring procedurally generated factions, locations, and roads. Most recently, June’s Automation Update streamlined dwarven efficiency alongside the addition of a win state that challenges players to prove their dwarven mining prowess.

Key Features

Control the destiny of the dwarves: As the colony grows active management of the dwarves, including the friendships they make and their morale, will be key to helping the war effort
Design and create the ultimate base: Bore and upgrade a variety of rooms, from forges and sculpting studios to taverns and auxiliary functions and help the colony craft the ultimate base
Help with the war effort: Build and upgrade a variety of items through a deep levelling system
Discover valuable materials to quarry: Venture into the bowels of the mountainside & face increasingly perilous situations.

Epic Crafting Update

The all-new Epic Crafting update brings crafting, exploration, lair scaling, various overhauls, more languages and much more!


⦿ Epic Crafting!

  • When crafting an item, there is now a chance for the item to get a rarity level and become extra awesome.
  • The rarity levels are: Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Mythic.
  • This makes the item overall better and worth more coin!

⦿ Lanterns!

  • The classic Lantern can now be equipped in the toolbelt and yields a bonus to vision range and to Exploration.
  • The Grandmother’s Lantern has been added. You can find one in the start chest.
  • The Explorer’s Lantern has been added. It requires a Star of Mara to craft.
  • Dwarves will equip vision extending items (AKA lanterns) when executing a move order, and when idling, if they have one.

⦿ Armor & Rings!

  • Added armors: Skulker’s Armor, Soldier’s Armor, Worker’s Clothes.
  • Added rings: Armored Ring, Half Round Ring, Thimble Ring, Signet Ring.
  • Both armor and rings affect their wielder in different ways, so choose wisely.
  • Dwarves can now equip two rings and a piece of armor, in addition to the toolbelt.
  • Armor and Rings are now influenced by the materials used to craft them.

⦿ Gemmed Rings!

  • Rings can be combined with a gem, yielding a powerful artifact!

⦿ Exploration!:

  • Explorers now (finally!) gain experience from exploring, finding new biomes and from discovering new locations in the cave.
  • Explorers also get experience from harvesting and rummaging items in the world.
  • Explorers can critically succeed and fail when rummaging, spawning double (or no) loot.
  • General move orders (without having a dwarf selected), and harvest/rummage orders, will now only be executed by dwarves with the Explorer profession allowed.
  • Dire Tunnels now reduces vision range.
  • Location discoveries are now made upon actually seeing them. This will not take effect on old save games, in fact it may work a little worse there.
  • Vision range base value slightly reduced, and vision range also increases slower.

⦿ Lair Scaling!

  • Enemy lairs are now stronger further down, and have unique modifiers applied to them, and to the creatures they spawn. Look out for their strengths and weaknesses!
  • Enemy lairs are given three different modifiers (buffs/debuffs).
  • One base modifier affecting many values, based on how deep in the cave the lair is.
  • One positive modifier, mostly affecting one or two values, also based on how deep in the cave the lair is.
  • One negative modifier, mostly affecting one or two values.
  • Enemy Waves: If multiple lairs want to send a wave, the most aggressive, or closest, one will do it.
  • Enemy Waves: Lairs no longer has a chance to not spawn a wave if they can.
  • Enemy Waves: Playing at a harder enemy level increases the amount of enemies in early waves.
  • Enemy Waves: Undiscovered lairs will only send small groups of enemies.
  • Lair base health has been significantly reduced, but they have a bit of armor to compensate.
  • Lairs now show their current modifiers in their tooltip.
  • You do have to start a new game for this to take proper effect.

⦿ Mountain Lore Overhaul!

  • After exploring the initial area, Mountain Lore gained from simply uncovering Unexplored areas diminishes quickly.
  • Mountain Lore is now awarded when making discoveries of various locations in the cave.
  • Mountain Lore is now awarded when discovering a new biome. A new notification has been added for this.
  • Mountain Lore description rewritten.
  • More Mountain Lore is now awarded for completing the harder cave missions, up to 25 or so.
  • More Mountain Lore is generally awarded for things further down in the cave.

⦿ Medium Vault!

  • Small Vault has been reduced in capacity, making it necessary for early-game but not viable for long.
  • Small Vault now requires Metallurgy.
  • Medium Vault requires Silver Ingots to be constructed. Silver has been tweaked to be slightly more plentiful in the cave, and has a small chance to be produced by Overworld mines.
  • Large Vault no longer requires any ingots. Instead it requires massive amounts of construction material and a Star of Mara. Knowledge requirement updated to match.

⦿ More languages!

  • Hammerting is now available in Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Hammerting is now available in Polish.


⦿ Added a single character to the code, actually very big optimization much wow. (Removed copying a huge object)
⦿ Alerts evaluation runs in parallel.
⦿ Checking if a dwarf is in fluid or in a new biome is now done more seldomly.
⦿ Crafting buildings now evaluates if an item is wanted quite a lot faster.
⦿ Hauling significantly optimized.
⦿ Reduced the visual range of some lights in buildings, and removed a couple of lights as well.
⦿ Removed unnecessary allocations.
⦿ Toolbelts don’t recalculate their modifier cache when an item is moved between backpacks.
⦿ When a hauler reaches a target, it can now pick up multiple items in one go.


⦿ AI

  • Dwarves are now unconscious for 1500 seconds instead of 500.
  • Dwarves will ignore items in fluid.
  • Replacing a tool in the same slot as the tool that was currently being used could lead to the new tool providing no benefits.

⦿ UI

  • Added a notification for when rooms are attacked.
  • Added a option to always have the dwarf names visible.
  • Added a warning in the Outliner for oversized dwarf list entries.
  • Added icon for equipment sorting.
  • Added icons for statistics.
  • Fixed Old Equipment alert counting all sorts of items as old.
  • Fixed various text issues.
  • Improved Vault UI.
  • Missions now show which reward you will get when completing it.
  • Reworked character screen.
  • Tooltips for all infrastructure has been unified.
  • Tweaked some Alert descriptions.

⦿ Gameplay

Adjusted modifiers for all Pens and Needles to remove various superfluous bonuses to Preciousness and Hardness.
Changed recipe for Runic Bone from 2x Fabric to 1x Slime
Crabs drop slightly more loot, and crab items can now occasionally be found on the Overworld in select locations.
Craft buildings now have an inventory size of 120 instead of 60. This is a temporary fix until we can make item reservation logic smarter.
Difficulty setting now affects enemy armor.
Drills now mine over their whole construction area.
Drills now require much less fuel.
Eggs and Hide are now more plentiful on the Overworld.
Elevator rails will no longer dig into the background. They can now be built in front of Grottos. Due to this, if you load an older game, it will take an extra bit of time to load.
Increased Preciousness of Demon Bones significantly.
Increased Preciousness of gems.
Overworld locations of the same type has less chance to end up near each other.
Rats drop rate of hides and bones slightly increased, meat drop slightly reduced.
Slightly increased the amount of Adamantine, Heavy Metal, and Platinum in the cave.
Slightly increased the amount of hides available on the Overworld.
Slime King has more HP and more armor.

⦿ Misc
Added lights to vaults.
Assert message is now formatted for Discord.
Autosave filenames now contain the colony name and a rolling ID 1-5.

Bug fixes:
⦿ UI

‘Idling Dwarves’ alert should no longer flicker.
Character UI, chests and craft UI no longer stretches over the action bar.
Fixed Profession UI issue in character screen.
Fixed reputation bars for Mountainhome.
Fixed text wrapping for notifications.
Fixed tooltips for notification rewards.
More icons should now appear in tooltips.
The Militia profession is now re-allowable.

⦿ Gameplay

Discovering biomes and locations now count as progress towards Cave Missions that want Mountain Lore.
Fixed a case where Ratholes could get placed without a path to it.
Fixed crash that could happen with a specific outliner setting.
Fixed die roll for critical success/fail.
Fixed large vault layout.
Non-items, such as biomes or dwarves or locations, no longer have a Coin value.
Railway station now tiles properly.
Rat Hole discovery mission now starts at 1/3.
Statusbars such as health will now be at max if the entity has a modifier increasing the max value.

Stability improvements:

⦿ After harvesting a mushroom, the mushroom wasn’t guaranteed to actually make it into the dwarf’s inventory.
⦿ Any mushrooms marked for harvesting or loot objects marked for rummaging will now get a proper reservation after load. This fixes a long-standing bug where a mushroom could be hauled to a chest, and a dwarf would then think they could go to the chest to harvest it.
⦿ Fixed crash that could occur when a dwarf or creature spawns in a room without exits.
⦿ Fixed crash when crafting Mushroom Stew.
⦿ Fixed crash when destroying a mine cart.
⦿ Fixed crash when destroying a rail station.
⦿ Fixed load crash for old save games.
⦿ Fixed logic for when to dump items into a container.
⦿ Fixed potential memory corruption when spawning new entities.
⦿ Removed unnecessary audio assert.

Hammerting is currently available to buy in Steam Early Access for $24.99/£19.99/€24.99. To keep up to date with all the information on Hammerting please like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and join us on Discord.

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