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King Of Seas

Introducing King of Seas, an ARPG pirate adventure game from Team17 and 3DClouds. Embark on an adventure across the seven seas as you strive to become the most legendary pirate of all time. Monsters update out now!

In King of Seas, you will take on the role of a merciless pirate who is seeking to avenge their fathers murder and reclaim what is rightfully theirs. On your adventure, you’ll battle with rival pirates and face off with terrifying monsters from the depths below. You’ll explore different islands, each with their own exports and curiosities and uncover extraordinary treasures. Drop your moorings and unfold your sails, it’s time for an epic adventure!

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Explore a dynamic world

Soak up a stunning nautical open world and meet interesting characters along the way who will help to shape your adventure. But try not to lose your sea legs as the world around you will change depending on the actions you take. Naval routes will shift and with each settlement you conquer the game will get harder and throw more challenges your way.

An image showing the stunning seas and lands that you will be able to traverse when playing King of Seas.

Batten down the hatches

The weather out at sea is unpredictable and misjudging the weather can lead to disastrous consequences. A change of wind direction could knock you straight into the path of an enemy pirate while thick fog and dangerous storms can turn your journey into anything but plain sailing.

An image showing an erupting volcano and how the weather can affect your adventure in a King of Seas.

Customise your ship

Create a pirate ship that’s fit for a king of the seas. Choose from five highly customisable ships; The Sloop, Brig, Flute, Frigate and Galleon and deck it out with over 900 collectable items you will find in the game. Add bigger and better weapons and become the most envied and feared of all pirates.

An image showing how to customize and edit your ship in King of Seas.

Trade your bounty

As you explore the seven seas, you’ll come across new lands and settlements, each with their own unique products to sell. Buy and sell from different settlements and line your pockets with doubloons galore. Spend your riches on new skills and improvements to your ship.

An image showing where you can trade your bounty with other ships and islands in a King of Seas.

Blow the man down

Face off in challenging naval battles and feed rival pirates’ bodies to the fish. Game combat is not limited to cannon firing, as you traverse the seven seas, you’ll acquire up to 20 different combat skills from flamethrowers to voodoo rituals. Each time you win a bout, the bounty on your head will rise and you’ll be challenged by even more fearsome opponents.

An image showing a battle taking place between two rival pirates in a King of Seas.


Screenshot from King of Seas showing a ship setting sail on the great seven seas.
Screenshot from King of Seas showing a ship sailing at dusk with skies that are pink and red.
Screenshot from King of Seas showing a ship sailing round the beautiful islands.
Screenshot from King of Seas showing a ship sailing across the seas at dusk.
Screenshot from King of Seas showing the landscape you can traverse when playing the game.
Screenshot showing a ship setting sail on the seas with a suspicious looking creature in the water.
Screenshot from King of Seas showing a ship sailing at dusk.
Screenshot from King of Seas showing a beautiful island you can visit in the game.

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