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Blasphemous is a ruthless ARPG platform game set in a dark and nightmarish world where metroidvania style gameplay meets hack’n’slash action.

The world of Cvstodia is plagued by a foul and fearsome curse known as ‘The Miracle’. Terrifying monsters and unforgiving bosses have taken up residence and Cvstodia’s only hope for salvation rests in the hands of ‘The Penitent One’, the sole survivor of ‘The Silent Sorrow’ massacre.

Using skilled combat and wielding a powerful sword known as the ‘Mea Culpa’, The Penitent One must smite and slash their way through a hellish cycle of death and rebirth and free the world of Cvstodia from its devastating curse.

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Non-Linear World

Traverse a non-linear world with non-sequential level design that puts you in control of where to go next with shortcuts to discover, hubs and warp points. Follow a Metroidvania style map which will expand as you progress through Cvstodia.

Screenshot from Blasphemous showing one of the levels in the game.

Barbarous Combat

Vanquish bloodthirsty creatures and perform gut-wrenching executions with an almighty swing of your Mea Culpa. Slash your way through the dark gothic world and unlock new combos, special moves and upgrade your Mea Culpa with powerful new attacks.

Screenshot from Blasphemous showing some brutal combat

Character Customisation

Discover relics along your way, including rosary beads, prayers and sword hearts and equip these for different abilities and stat boosts. Experiment and combine different relics together and unlock combinations that will help you to survive and emerge victorious in battle.

Screenshot from Blasphemous showing the hero facing off in battle with an opponent

Challenging Gameplay

Your enemy opponents will deal some serious damage and can shred you apart with their powerful attacks. Learn how your enemies move and invoke your defensive capabilities to survive their devastating blows.

Screenshot from Blasphemous showing the character engaged in a battle with a boss

Unlock Mysteries

Cvstodia is full of tortured souls who each have their own stories and hopes for the future of their world. Some characters will offer you help while some may ask for favours. Unearthing their stories will be key in helping you to understand and conquer the nightmarish world you occupy.

Screenshot from Blasphemous showing a mysterious place you can unlock in the game


Screenshot taken from the Blasphemous game showing lots of bloodshed from a brutal attack
Screenshot from Blasphemous showing a heavy blow being dealt to an enemy


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