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Ship of Fools

Pegi 7 age rating

Ship of Fools is a seafaring cooperative roguelite. Set sail, man the cannons and battle sea monsters through the tempestuous seas of the Archipelago. Are you fool enough to stop the Aquapolypse?

In a clamshell, Ship of Fools is a game about blasting away your seaborne foes with mighty cannons as you defend your ship. Inspired by modern classic roguelites and built for co-op, you’ll want to bring your first mate on deck and enjoy oarsome combat as you unlock new trinkets and artifacts to help you save the world from catastrophe.

The Ship of Fools Fish and Ships update is out now on Steam, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5. Click here to learn more!

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Bombastic Co-op Combat

Designed for co-op play, frantic combat encounters with the horrifying creatures of the storm will test your teamwork. Work together to defend and repair the ship, combine item effects in powerful combos and make sure you have your shipmate’s back if you don’t want to become fish food.

Stormy course planning

Uncover lost treasures and remote shops on the islands of the Archipelago, but plan your moves carefully! As you chart your way through the sector, the Everlasting Storm shifts and changes, blocking your paths with its fury. You’ll need to adjust your course in reaction to storm movements and decide when you can brave a trip to discover what lurks inside the storm.

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Solo Captains, sail for glory!

Man your ship as a solo sailor and fight your way through dangerous waters and keep the glory for yourself, Ship of Fools offers solo play as well as multiplayer. As they sing in old sailor songs: it’s sometimes better to have no crew than a dysfunctional one!

Replayable, like the endless sea

With many Fools to play with, unique items to find and unlock, combat encounters to fight in and many islands to visit, each run will bring something new to your voyage. Bolster your strength each time, ready to defeat the monsters of the deep sea.

Unlock all fools

Choose wisely as no two fools will quite pack the same ‘swing’! Each of the Fools treasure their very own heirloom that imbue them with a passive abilities. Who will you choose to steer and protect the Stormstrider?

Ship of Fools Character Selection


Screenshot from Ship of Fools
Screenshot from Ship of Fools
Screenshot from Ship of Fools
Screenshot from Ship of Fools
Screenshot from Ship of Fools
Screenshot from Ship of Fools
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“The cartoony aesthetic is absolutely charming, and each fish-based NPC you meet just oozes character. The soundtrack is also undoubtedly one of the best of any game this year, with catchy tunes for each world and some absolutely killer boss themes to top it off. Ship of Fools really is the total package.”

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God is a Geek

“Ship of Fools is a cute and genuinely addicting game for new and experienced gamers

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Attack of the Fanboy

“Team17 has brought us some absolutely fantastic roguelike games in recent years, such as Rogue Heroes and Neon Abyss. It’s also responsible for publishing some excellent co-op titles, including Overcooked! and Moving Out. With Ship of Fools, both genres are combined, mixed together to make an absolutely excellent seafaring adventure that we’ve struggled to put down. This is one we’re going to be dipping into for many months to come.”

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Published: 6th November 2023

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