Showcasing the long-awaited roadmap that officially shares details about updates to come!

Here it is Fools! Developer Daniel here to showcase the long-awaited roadmap that officially shares details about updates to come!

First of all, we are excited to unveil the development strategy we’ve chosen for Ship of Fools in 2023 to ensure a continuous stream of FREE content for you to enjoy. That’s right, every major update this year will be absolutely free for all players. In addition, with each of those updates, a pack of 2 new Fools will be available for purchase at a fair price. These new Fools will bring fresh flavours and new gameplay to the game, and you can buy them to show support for our ongoing development efforts. We truly value providing each and every one of you with the complete Ship of Fools experience, so why we’re not only bringing you these two free updates, but we’ll also ensure that the paid Fools are available for both players in online games, even if one of them hasn’t purchased the pack.

Soon, The Great Lighthouse update will roll out, giving Ship of Fools a huge breath of fresh air introducing a ladder of new challenges for players who have beaten the game. In this new chapter, players will be tasked to restore The Great Lighthouse once again to bring a definitive (or not) end to the Aquapocalypse. With every brightness level the lighthouse gains, a new challenge will be added to the game alongside rewards such as new items, encounters, game mechanics, and much more for you to discover!

This update will add more than 40 brand-new items to the game bringing the total item count to 169! Most of those items will be introduced as rewards of the Great Lighthouse restoration, but some will be available from the get-go in the base item set. We are really excited to see what new synergies and crazy builds you guys are going to uncover with these new items!

Secondly, we are really excited to confirm that a second FREE update will be introduced later this year! Fish and Ships will bring another layer of challenges with new boats that will have their own unique objectives to twist the Ship of Fools experience once again. And yes, you guessed it – this second update will also come with another pack of 2 new Fools for you to support us if you wish.

We really hope that you will love the content that we are putting together for you in the coming year. With these new additions, we can’t wait to see how deep you will venture down the troubled waters of the Archipelago in trying to dispel the Everlasting Storm once and for all!

Now that the Stormstrider is ready to sail into the Forgotten Waters make sure that you…

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