Hey Fools! Developer Daniel here to bring you good news and a new update for Ship of Fools on Steam!

First of all, in the name of the whole Fika team, we want to thank each and every one of you for the amazing response we received since the release of the game. This is our first project and we are amazed to see how much you guys are enjoying what we’ve made and how Ship of Fools impacted people’s lives. We took the time to gather your thoughts and feedback to bring you a first balance and bug-fixing update that increases the quality of life and the overall stability of the game.

This update does not bring any new content, but know that we are well aware that you guys want more of Ship of Fools and that it needs a few more challenges. Stay tuned with us to see what lurks beneath the Everlasting Storm’s thick clouds…

Bug Fixing:
  • Fixed issue causing some achievements to never unlock
  • Fixed enemy kills achievements meter on steam not displaying player progress
  • Fixed inflated Puffy dealing no damage when exploding
  • Fixed the issue causing The Dark Storm curse to not update the storm counter for the guest in an online game
  • Fixed issue disabling Betty’s rage mode ability in an online game
  • Fixed trinkets shown in both inventories when players equip them at the same time in an online game
  • Fixed issue causing Eye of the Storm to never reappear after vanishing thus soft-locking the players
  • Fixed issue causing Eye of the Storm to sometimes place curses on previously placed ones
  • Fixed credits volume not affected by sound preferences
  • Fixed issue where game state could not be saved when buying upgrades (Thanks to discord user @Maximilien(Gringan) for reporting it)
  • Fixed warrior statuette item could reload disabled cannons by The Dark Cannon curse (Thanks to discord user @HappyReaper for reporting it)
Quality of life:
  • Access options from Pause menu
  • Unlock the sentry cannon in the armoury when Rust is saved making it upgradable in the early game
  • Multiple tutorial improvements making it easier for new players to pick up the game
Exploit removed:
  • Removed player ability to keep an item in their hands while travelling to a new destination
  • Removed player’s ability to overcharge the Grapeshot or the Powershot cannon in an online game
  • Fixed reflected harpoons being able to unsocket artifacts without disabling their abilities making it possible to apply the same artifact ability multiple times (Thanks to discord user @RealGoose for reporting it)
  • Increase Lotte ammo regeneration time
  • Decrease Shellbie bonus stats given to loaded mags
  • Reduce Assault, Grapeshot, Powershot and Double Barrel cannon fire rate
  • Increased Sentry cannon fire rate
  • Increased chance of multiple flyers initiating an attack at the same time when playing coop
  • Reduce Buzzers, Floaters and Beakaneers attack delay
  • Reduce minimum spider enemy jump delay
  • Reduce Seablade damage
  • Reduce Maracas Duet damage
  • Reduce Phasing Clarinet damage
  • Reduce Resonating harp damage
  • Reduce The Pearls capacity bonus
  • Reduce The Shell damage bonus
  • Light Purse now gives up to 10 bonus damage
  • Reduce Light Spring fire rate and magazine capacity bonus
  • Reduce Light Powder damage and projectile speed bonus
  • Increase Crystal Ball magazine capacity
  • Increase Rage mode active time
  • Reduce cash point multiplier given at the end of a run
  • Reduce fire spreading time on deck when playing coop
  • Increase Heads total HP
  • Increase Heads damage needed to submerge its body parts
  • Increase Eye of the Storm HP
Now that the Stormstrider is ready to sail into the Forgotten Waters make sure that you… Join the official Ship of Fools Discord to chat with your fellow fools and discuss all things about the game! 💬 Also Follow us on Twitter for more updates and info. 🐦

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