Developer Dan here to celebrate the official release of Ship of Fools’ brand new content update: Fish & Ships!

Aaaaandd (drumroll) … the release of our brand new pack of Fools: the Water Garden Duo! Watch this trailer!

This new update brings a ton to the archipelago! Let’s go over some of the most notable new features.

Give the curious bell a jingle to meet your new gooey and tentacley best friend Otto, a shipwright with enough tools to repair your ships, but most importantly, mend the wounds of your broken heart.

You’ll first be introduced to Otto when you have beaten Tentacles twice or if you’ve completed a run at least once. Unlike his other fellow Krakens, Otto is more passionate about ship construction rather than their destruction.

The process is simple: after unlocking a new ship, interact with Otto using your character’s secondary action to access the shipwright menu. From there, you have the freedom to switch between any unlocked ships at will. You can also monitor your progress towards unlocking new ships and achieving the brightness challenges for each one. I’m curious about the outcome when reaching brightness level 15 with a ship … I wonder what awaits?

Each ship grants access to 2 unique items, allowing you to craft run strategies with a refreshing sea breeze. To activate their abilities, every ship’s unique artifact utilizes Tendrils.

Speaking of new ships, here is one of them! Meet the Siren’s Call, a vessel carved by the legendary Sirens from the same rocks that constitute their magical artifacts. With the Siren’s Call, you’ll have one less pedestal on deck, but have access to a miniature version of the recycling well to optimize your builds on the go!

The Well
Insert a tendril to activate, once active, insert any item to recycle it into another of the same type.

Siren Scale
While this ammunition inflicts minimal damage, it applies a random effect with each hit! To unleash its full potential, you’ll need to harness every possible elemental synergy.

May this latest content update bring many more adventuring hours for you and your shipmate across the archipelago’s waters! A heartfelt thank you to each member of the Fool community for your unwavering support throughout this inaugural year of Ship of Fools. Our game dev journey has been nothing short of wonderful, and we hope to keep sailing with you all for a long time! If you’re inclined to support the dev team in a meaningful way, please consider diving into the all-new Pack of Fools, a creation inspired by the captivating charm of your local water garden.

Now that the Stormstrider is ready to sail into the Forgotten Waters make sure that you…

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