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King of the Castle


King of the Castle is a multiplayer fantasy game of shifting power dynamics and intrigue where the narrative is driven by its players. Out now on Steam and in party mode! BUY NOW!

Take your rightful place on the throne and decide whether you’ll lead a fantasy Kingdom to a new Golden Age or to catastrophic disaster. Play with 3 to 3,000 other players who will make up your Council of squabbling Nobles and will vote on your every decision and guide the narrative in all kinds of directions!

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The King of the Castle update, Democracy Manifest, is out now on Steam!

Included in the update you’ll find:

  • Three new Schemes
  • Premium Nobles Region selection
  • Larger, easier to read screens
  • 40 new Shields
  • New music from Hassan DuRant
  • New events
  • Quality of live and bugfixes

Read about the update here!

Rule wisely

  • Make your choices carefully in your role as Monarch. All your decisions are subject to the votes of backstabbing Nobles – each with their own feuds and rivalries. among themselves!
  • Balance the competing demands of the different regions of your Kingdom, each one of which has its own desires, difficulties, and ongoing plots.
  • Bribe, persuade or intimidate your way through difficult votes that threaten to not go your way, or try to alter the laws to give yourself extra veto powers.

Make history

  • Forge the unique history of your realm. As the years pass, your Kingdom will change based on your decisions and the different regions of your Kingdom will rise and fall in power. There will also be consequences that will affect not just your reign, but your entire dynasty!
  • Customize your Kingdom. The Monarch and Nobles can choose their own name, appearance, pronouns, and shields.
  • Execute any Nobles who get a little bit too uppity – but watch out for their allies back home who might seek to avenge them…

Keep the balance

  • Upon joining the game, the Nobles on your Council are sorted into different regions of the Kingdom. One moment these regions will be pitted against each other – the next, changing circumstances will turn them into uneasy allies.
  • Based on your decisions and the votes of the Council, over the course of your reign some of these regions will become wealthy and prosperous, while others will descend into anarchy, or rebel against your rule.
  • As the Monarch, it’s up to you to keep them in check.

Beware treachery

  • Foil the plots of treacherous Nobles as they pursue their own schemes to replace you with a puppet ruler of their own.
  • Tax the regions of the Kingdom that get on your nerves and watch the gold (and salt) pile up!
  • Watch your back – if your Nobles Defiance gets too high, they might just revolt against you in an epic and bloody civil war that will tear your Kingdom apart!


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