Launch date announcement

Big announcement today, loyal subjects – KING OF THE CASTLE is officially releasing on the 2nd of March. That’s right, less than 2 months from now!

Wishlist now if you haven’t already. Better yet, tell your friends to wishlist. The game will be available exclusively on Steam.

Watch our regal launch date announcement trailer here!

New update

Meanwhile, our closed beta goes from strength to strength with the new 0.10 update, “PeachyAenne.” This is likely to be the last update before launch, as we get all our last-minute polishing and bugfixing done (as well as a few exciting new features – more on that another time).

Heartfelt thanks to PeachyAenne at Stumpt Games for providing the name for this update. Find the Stumpt Games group streaming King of the Castle regularly and other great stuff right here.

King of the Castle v0.10 “PeachyAenne” includes:

An all new & improved Map!

  • Visual improvements to the map to really show off your Kingdom!
  • Seasonal changes on the map, from bringing snow to the mountains in Winter and brighter, more cheerful colours come Spring.
  • Improved designs for objects on the map including new roads, rivers and names for locations.

Improved colours throughout the game for readability and uniformity

  • Based on feedback we’ve completed a full overhaul of colours throughout the game.
  • This improves readability, increases contrast and introduces more uniformity in between what colours are used where.

Dynamic sorting for new Nobles

  • Based on feedback from our testers we now dynamically sort new Noble players into Regions with less active Noble players.
  • This is part of our ongoing efforts to balance Regions and ensure they have more equal power come votes.
  • We’ll be monitoring this change closely and your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

New marriable NPCs

  • Based on extremely… enthusiastic feedback, we’ve introduced a couple of new marriage paths to the game. If you play your cards right, you can now marry the Finfolk Prince or the Pirate Queen – though your Nobles might not react well!

The following polish changes to King of the Castle:

  • Game now uses Twitch display names instead of usernames.
  • Region’s Schemes in the Overview are replaced with “In Rebellion” when the player rebels.
  • Laws of the Land no longer shift position in UI when selected.
  • Update to the title screen artwork and design.
  • Improved UI for the Taxation screen Trade Bonus.
  • New animations in the Customisation screen.
  • Chur nerfing. Chnurfing.

We also have these features in the game:

  • Coronations will now vary with different, random possible choices, including one special choice for a single Region.
  • New Events: Castle Conspiracy, Saalish Assassin, An Island Dowry, and Strange Fossils.
  • Further Misdeeds within stories to increase story reactivity.
  • Six new artwork pieces for NPCs.
  • Default premium customisations for Monarch and Noble characters.
  • Claimants may now use premium customisations.

We’ve resolved the following bugs:

  • Improvements to the Extension to address latency issues.
  • Improvements to the Twitch reconnection system for lost connections
  • Weighting for Premium Nobles in stories is now proportional to the number of players.
  • Succession poll now includes all Nobles in the game.
  • Bugs with customisations overlapping one another are resolved.
  • Fixes to animations for all aspect ratios.
  • Fixed Scheme reaction delay hints.

If you have any feedback join the Discord or post below! We have a hilarious, positive community that we’d love to expand even further, and your feedback is crucial to making King of the Castle even better.

Finally – I know we’ve mentioned this already, but don’t forget to wishlist the game. We’ve designed King of the Castle to be perfect for any board game group, D&D session, small online community, or those who love to scheme against their friends and family. You won’t regret it!

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