Lords, Ladies, Nobles! We’re pleased to announce that our Steam Next Fest Demo is available right now. Gather up 3+ friends and try our Party Game mode, where said friends can join your game for free at kotc.app. Grab it now and have your very own Game of Phones.

We’re also extremely pleased to announce our price point!

At $4.99 your game nights can be furnished with schemes, rebellions and regicide. Compared to the Demo, the full game (releasing March 2) will get you:

  • Dynasty Games that continue your Kingdom’s story after you’ve been deposed or are victorious.
  • Your custom Noble featured in other Party Game sessions or in any Twitch streamer’s game.
  • Compatibility with your Demo Saves, so you can immediately continue your reign where you left off.
  • Over 900 Events, over 20,000 Choices and over 100 unique endings!

Don’t forget to keep your eyes as sharp as a Baron’s hunting hawk; In the next few weeks we’ll be announcing the new features for Launch. Here’s a sneak peek, because we’re feeling generous:

  • New Laws of the Land to modify votes to your advantage or accidental peril.
  • Double the amount of Demo Monarch and Noble outfits, to ensure you slay while you slay.
  • A ton of new Events, including a wholly new type of Event with sweeping consequences over your entire Dynasty.

And that’s not all, so don’t forget to wishlist! Be the first in line to have your beloved friends burnt at the stake, fed to ice giants, or crushed with an iron fist. King of the Castle releases on March 2.

Try the demo today!

Thinking about jumping in but you’re a few Nobles short of a Council? Why not join our Discord! We have a #looking-for-game channel and voice channels, so you can jump into games with our lovely fans.

To stay up to date with King of the Castle, wishlist the game on Steam, like it on Facebook, follow on Twitter, and join the Community Discord

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