You and your loyal(ish) friends can all play the Demo of our Party Game for free from Feb 6th to Feb 13th!

Been following the game but not had access to the early release? Got a group of friends who like D&D, or board games, or plotting to destroy you? Always wanted to sit on a throne and make up the rules as you go along? Well, first of all, you should wishlist King of the Castle:

And once you’ve done that, you should make a note in your calendar for February 6, which is when the official Demo will be hitting Steam Next Fest like a well-aimed arrow! The Demo will be running until February 13, so you have plenty of time to check it out.What features can you expect from the Demo of the game, you ask? Well…

  • Play our Party Game mode with 3 to 20 of your friends, who can join your game for free playing in their browsers.
  • Each Demo reign will last for 5 Seasons – allowing you to plan your coronation, play through storylines, and even get married!
  • Access to all Schemes, Buildings, Laws and Ambitions, with Rebellions, Taxes and premature endings.
  • Customise your Monarch and Noble characters with all of our premium customisations.
  • Continue any Demo save in the full game and pick up your reign exactly where it left off in the full game.

The King of the Castle Demo is available with Party Game mode enabled. This means you can invite any number of friends to play with you, provided they have an internet connection and can see your screen. They don’t need to own a copy of the Demo in order to join!We’re very excited to be taking part in Next Fest – please help us spread the word! Thank you!

To stay up to date with King of the Castle, wishlist the game on Steam, like it on Facebook, follow on Twitter, and join the Community Discord!

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