Game Description

Take on the role of a drone with the ability to design and build robots for your everyday needs! Find unique ways to overcome various challenges in singleplayer or jump into the Sandbox and craft and play alone or with other players.


The revolutionary freeform crafting tools puts endless options at your fingertips so you can build robots without any constraints! In Main Assembly, If you can imagine it… you can make it! With unlimited resources build your machines from the chassis up.


In a game where anything’s possible- don’t be basic. With a creative flair, you can customise your drone with stylish cosmetics and engineer your robot to look like anything. A giant spider? A multicoloured masterpiece piloted by the most stylish drone? Or even a car that looks like a car.


By using the nodes in the powerful visual programming interface, you can set up controls for your robot. After getting the hang of it, you can dig deep and use Sensors to make logic for different types of automation.


Your robots will take damage if they crash, fall, or take a hammer to the face! Advanced destruction systems enable bending chassis and damage that effects robot behaviour. But don’t worry, you can iterate to improve and respawn your robot as many times as you like.


Robots are great, but human friends are even better! Create and play with friends in an open sandbox environment! Load any robot you’ve built in single player or team up and build under the watchful gaze of your friends!