Today we’re incredibly excited to announce our partnership with Bad Yolk Games to bring the sandbox creation game, Main Assembly, to Steam Early Access in 2020!

Take your first steps into Main Assembly’s world of ingenious inventions with our new partnership trailer:

Sign up now to get early access to the closed beta!

Get ready to take the role of a free-flying drone to create robots that are only limited by your imagination. Build machines to overcome a variety of challenges, explore sandbox environments and generally try not to explode by yourself or with friends! 


Immerse yourself in our advanced visual programming system to earn your engineering stripes. If that isn’t your cup of tea – throw things together, scrape by and watch hilarity ensue!

Overcome Newtonian law with our advanced physics engine, testing your creations against the forces of gravity and even destructive artificial obstacles. Don’t worry – each failure ending in a test dummy fire ball is another step in the evolution to perfect your machine!

Customise your creations with a whole host of cosmetics and make them truly unique. We can’t wait to see what wondrous creations you all will come up with! The world of advanced robotics awaits!

Test your metal against friends, or just make something humble…like a tank!

Prepare yourself to become a master inventor and stay up to speed with all things Main Assembly by Wishlisting on Steam!

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