We’ve assembled some news for you.. A Main Assembly beta is on the way!

It will be live from 2pm GMT on February 14th and will finish at 2pm GMT on February 28th!

You can sign-up here!

Here’s a list of the major differences from the previous Beta we had:

  • Tundra has received some major improvements.
  • Programming has received several improvements:
    • New wire rendering
    • Grouping of nodes
    • Renaming of parts
  • Kits that save parts you’ve made to easily reuse on other bots
  • New colour and material editor
  • New parts:
    • Speaker, create your own music!
    • First person camera
    • RCS – a type of thruster that can affect orientation & momentum
    • Googly eyes
  • Racing in multiplayer
  • New progression system for challenges

Codes for the Beta will be sent out at 4pm GMT on February 14th & February 21st! You have until February 21st at 2pm GMT to sign up, you don’t want to miss out!

But wait.. there’s more! Main Assembly will be entering Early Access on April 16th! We can’t wait to see what weird and wonderful things you’ll create!

Don’t forget to wishlist Main Assembly on Steam!

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