Thanks to everyone who took part in our closed betas! We’ve absolutely loved seeing all your Main Assembly creations, so we’ve constructed a limited time open beta! Go get assembling!?

Get your hands on the beta here!

Need some guidance? We’ve got you covered! Check out this tutorial!

Check out the changelist below!

* All levels have received many tweaks and bug fixes.

* Reworked lots of objectives in the maps

* More races added in Tundra, including Air races!

* Aerodynamics bug fixes and improvements. Is now more stable at high velocities and curvate of plates make a difference.

* Added new gizmos to several parts that can be used to set properties so you don’t have to do it through the programming menu

* Gizmos can be cycled through with “T” while having the part selected if the part has multiple properties (more gimzo properties will be added in the future)

* Helper meshes have been added for lots of crafting operations. You will now see how far you have moved/extruded something.

* Removed driving 3 for now. Is being reworked completely

* Added center of mass gizmo, can be enabled through the bot radial menu.

* Changed the categories for programming nodes a bit.

* Can now connect two chassis elements by selecting them and then clicking on the gizmo that appears.

* Lots of optimization

* Lots of bug fixes

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