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The Unliving

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From Team17 and RocketBrush Studio comes The Unliving, a roguelite, fantasy RPG. Step into the shoes of a fearsome necromancer who smites and resurrects their enemies and turns them into weapons. The Unliving is available now on Steam. Play Now!

Wield the dark art of necromancy to revive your perished foes and add them to your morbid undead army. Lead your army through a nightmarish, pixel art world, wreak havoc, conquer lands, and obliterate any obstacles that lie in your way.

Though the Necromancer possesses powerful magic, they are not immune from death. With each reawakening, you must learn from your failings, forge new strategies, and overcome the living, all while trying to uncover the secrets buried deep in forgotten corners of the world.

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Lead the undead

Slaughter your enemies and reincarnate them as loyal soldiers that follow your every command. The size of your army has no limit, and each undead soldier possesses their own unique abilities. Lead legions of the undead and wield them as powerful tools.

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Take down evil bosses

The Necromancer is not the only powerful being that exists in the dark and gruesome world. Illustrious bosses wait in the shadows and threaten The Necromancers existence. Each boss has their own fighting style and capabilities, so strategic gameplay is key to emerging victorious.

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Uncover the secrets of necromancy

Discover cryptic notes, coerced information and ancient artifacts that will help you piece together the truth behind your immortality and how you came to possess your unnatural abilities.

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Death is not the end

In true roguelite style, each time The Necromancer dies, they will rise again. Use each death as an opportunity to learn from your shortcomings and to better prepare for the challenges and formidable foes that wait in the shadows.

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Screenshot taken from The Unliving
Screenshot from The Unliving
Screenshot from The Unliving
Screenshot from The Unliving
Screenshot from The Unliving


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