Hey Neophyte Necromancers!

With The Unliving being a true roguelike, you’ll need to really strategize to win. Here are some handy tips you need to know if you want to decimate all that stand in your path, in The Unliving!

Sacrificial Gain 🩸

As the almighty Necromancer, you possess the abilities to cast spells, and use Hex Weapons – but this isn’t the only way to defeat enemies.

By sacrificing your minions, you might just change the tide of battle! For an exchange of a small part of your Lifespark, sacrificed minions will produce powerful effect such as ranged attacks, explosions and more. The ashes you receive after sacrifice are precious resources that can be used to enhance your Hex Weapon, or convert into gold.

Don’t be shy – they are, after all, tools for you to use on the way to a greater purpose.

Know The Undead 🧟

There are various types of the Undead which you can recruit into your army after their annihilation!

  • Fighters**,** such as peasants, hounds and the like, will most likely make up the bulk of your army. They can explode and stun the enemy when sacrificed.
  • Ranged minions will throw a projectile, unhindered by any barricades.
  • Giants are hulking tanks. Use them at your will to wreak havoc on your enemies. When sacrificed, they will pull all your enemies in, and deal huge damage in an AoE attack.
  • The Unholy can deal damage and provide support for your troops! Priests will heal you and your minions, whilst werewolves will taunt enemies into going berserk, and attack each other.

If you find your army is getting far too large – condense them, by turning members of your army into ‘High Undead’!

With each rank, health and damage will increase significantly, depending on how many of the undead are combined. You’ll find them to be more powerful, and they will also decay slower. You can increase High Undead limits and strength in three ways – during Necromancy power upgrade, in the Binding Crucible, and in the Throne of Ascension.

Master Your Spells and Resources 🔮

Spells are another part of your dark arsenal. Sacrifice your life force to cast devastating attacks on your opponents! Pick up essence during your run, to gain new spells and enhance the ones you already have.

Essence Types

  • Blood – appears when you attack living opponents.
  • Bones – spawns when the Undead take damage.
  • Echoes – remain when any unit is destroyed.
  • Lifeforce

These will contain spells of the corresponding type. Unlike vitality, combat resources such as blood, bones and echoes cannot be stockpiled, so keep that in mind!

The Life Bar 🚑

With everything going on, it can be easy to forget to keep an eye on the most important aspect of the Necromancer – your health bar, and life force.

Each Lifespark contains a unique spell, that will be released when destroyed – for example, stunning enemies or summoning blood warriors. When a Lifespark is broken, the maximum health of the Necromancer will be temporarily reduced, and the usual healing won’t help here! You’ll need to pick up a new one from an Altar, or via a Lifespark potion.

Rebuild Your Citadel 🏰

You will use the resources you discover on each run to restore the Necromancers Citadel, and from there your allies will help you uncover further Lifesparks, as well as craft weapons and enchantments. By approaching the Asencion Throne, you’ll also be able to unlock further powerups.

Apprentices do not have to wait for the Master to bring them resources, but will independently conduct research when certain achievements are reached!

Access to enchantments and new weapons from Nazra’il and Life Sparks from Majra are now entirely tied to achievements rather than purchased, and Prima is only spent on restoring the Ascension Throne.

Use Life Sparks and spend life force to provide Majra with the necessary data for research. Kill enemies with different weapons, and raise them as undead to inspire Nazra’il to forge new enchantments!

The Binding Crucible maintains its flame with coals of life from the Necromancer himself, formed every time a Lifespark breaks. 

You will encounter The Binding Crucible immediately upon returning to the Citadel – once repaired, you will be able to use it right away to upgrade the Necromancers combat abilities! For each level of the Crucible, you can choose one of four alternative upgrades.  

For more detailed information and tips, check out our tutorial below!  

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