This image shows the banner art for Epic Chef with the games protagonist, Zest, in the middle and the games cast of other characters around him.

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Epic Chef

Introducing Epic Chef, a culinary, story-driven adventure game where you will take on the role of Zest as he battles his way to become the top chef in Ambrosia. Download now on Steam.

With its abundance of farmland and no shortage of hungry patrons, Ambrosia is a dream location for budding chefs like Zest who want to open a restaurant. Crafting together delicious dishes with exquisite ingredients, seasonings and spices it’s up to Zest to beat his competition and impress Ambrosia’s townsfolk. Will Zest flounder like a fish or go out all buns glazing?

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Create hundreds of tasty dishes using the dynamic recipe maker. Experiment with a whole host of ingredients from dragons’ eggs to unicorn hooves and combine them to make the perfect dish. Craft a dream menu that tickles the tastebuds.

This image shows Epic Chef protagonist, Zest, with a dish he has made. The dish is a meat feast with smoked hoof in a blue forest puree.


Duke it out with rival chefs in epic cooking battles. Try your best to impress the judges and receive a higher score than your opponent to win. But don’t forget, every judge has different tastes and will score your dishes differently – so no two battles will be the same!

This image shows our Epic Chef protagonist, Zest, preparing for a cooking battle with fellow chef Ipothek.


Grow all kinds of fruits and vegetables on your land and raise your own livestock. Tend to fields of cows and sheep and, maybe, a dragon or two. Use your produce in your dishes and experiment with unique home-grown ingredients.

This image shows our Epic Chef protagonist, Zest, working hard growing ingredients on his farm.


Collect materials, add them to your inventory and use these to build tools and machines that will help you with crafting dishes. Uncover new materials by exploring Ambrosia and excavating your land.

This image shows our Epic Chef protagonist, Zest, chopping down a tree so that he can create new equipment for cooking.


In Ambrosia, there are curiosities and places of interest around every corner. Explore the isle’s golden beaches, lively markets and favorite local haunts like the tavern and the spa. Relax and unwind with a game of golf and even try a bite of your rival chef’s cuisine!

This image shows our protagonist, Zest, looking out from his balcony at the beautiful farmland he has cultivated and grown.


Get to know the locals in Ambrosia and win them over with the power of food. From friendly faces to corrupt guards and mythical mages, there’s no telling who you might meet while exploring. Complete requests from locals and be rewarded in return.

This image shows our Epic Chef protagonist, Zest, chatting with some interesting looking locals in his new home, Ambrosia.

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