• Fire
  • Ice
  • Kitchen1
  • Kitchen2
  • Lava
  • Space
  • Torch
  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Kitchen1
  • Kitchen2
  • Lava
  • Space
  • Torch

OVERCOOKED is a chaotic couch co-op cooking game for 1-4 players

Working as a team, you and your fellow chefs must prepare, cook and serve up a variety of tasty orders before the baying customers storm out in a huff.

Key Features

Working as a team, you and your fellow chefs must prepare, cook and serve up a variety of tasty orders before the baying customers storm out in a huff. Take part in an epic journey across the Onion Kingdom and tackle an increasingly challenging and bizarre gauntlet of kitchens which will push your skills of co-operation and co-ordination to the very limits.


The Onion Kingdom is a rich world full of cruel and unusual kitchens for you to conquer. Each level brings a new challenge for you and your team to overcome, whether it’s sliding around on a pirate ship, moving between speeding trucks, cooking on an ice floe or serving food in the bowels of hell itself, each level will test the mettle of even the bravest chefs


Overcooked is so easy to pick up that anyone can join in the fun, but finding a team who can communicate and co-ordinate their actions when the pizza hits the fan, that’s when only a well-oiled team of super-chefs will come out on top!


As you play the game you’ll unlock new levels, new chef characters and even competitive challenge levels which allow teams of 2 to go head-to-head in the kitchen. There’s also the ability to share a pad with a friend allowing 2 players to play using on one pad (or if you’re feeling really masochistic you can try to control both chefs on your own!)

However you want to play, if you think you can stand the heat, then get ready to enter the kitchen!

Minimum System Requirements

OS: Minimum - Windows 7
Processor: TBC
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: TBC
Hard Drive: 750 MB available space
Additional Notes:
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Additional Notes: Provisional Requirements/ Gamepads Recommended
PlayStation 4Windows 7Xbox One
Genre: Action, Simulation
Developer: Ghost Town Games Ltd.
Publisher: Team17
Release Dates
Xbox One: Coming Soon!
PS4: Coming Soon!
Steam: Coming Soon!
Age Ratings

USA/Canada/North America

PEGI: Rating Pending

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