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Batora: Lost Haven

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Batora: Lost Haven is a hack and slash arpg where you will take on the role of female protagonist Avril as she embarks on an interplanetary mission to save her home. Out now on Steam, Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 4 & 5! And coming soon to Nintendo Switch!

Avril was just your typical 16-year-old girl, she never thought she’d have to step up and be a hero. But one day, following a mysterious and devastating event, her world was flipped upside down. Avril’s home planet had been decimated and she had lost everything that mattered to her.

Gifted with extraordinary and other-worldly powers, it’s now up to Avril to save her planet and restore it to its former glory. But it won’t all be plain sailing, along the way Avril will discover that the line between good and evil is mercilessly thin. It’ll be up to her to decide which path she follows, even if her choices have detrimental consequences.

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Leverage the power of your body and your mind to face the challenges and obstacles you will encounter on your journey. But don’t forget to keep an eye on your double health bar – if one of these bars drops too low you could end up dead!


Use your wits and your strength in your interactions with those around you. Decide what kind of hero you want to be as you work towards your goal, but remember, all actions have consequences.


Quickly learn when to switch between your physical and mental powers. Sharpening your strategic dualism is the only way to keep pace with your opponents.


Feast your eyes on original hand-painted, sci-fi inspired visuals. Visit colorful and fascinating planets and interact with out-of-this-world creatures and characters.


Your choices will not only change the fate of the universe but the livelihood of all the creatures that inhabit it. Are you ready to take responsibility for your decisions? Explore all the possible outcomes of the storyline designed by a Writers Guild award winner.


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