What are you willing to sacrifice to save what you love?
Harness the ancient powers of Sun and Moon in Stormind Games’ interplanetary action-RPG.

Team17 and Stormind Games have today launched isometric action-RPG, Batora: Lost Haven, available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S consoles, Xbox One, and on Steam*. Batora: Lost Haven combines a hybrid of hack ‘n’ slash combat and twin-stick shooting with intricate puzzle solving and a branching narrative with multiple endings, and follows the adventures of Avril, humanity’s last hope after the destruction of Earth by a cataclysmic event. As Avril travels across the galaxy, she will harness the dual powers of Sun and Moon – mystical entities and protectors of the planet – in a desperate bid to undo its annihilation and restore her lost haven.

Check out a stellar new launch trailer below:

Batora: Lost Haven Key Features

  • Action-packed interplanetary adventure: Join a fantastical journey across the universe to explore alien worlds, meet a variety of unique beings, and uncover the secrets of the galaxy
  • Unique polarity switching mechanic: Harness the dual powers of Sun and Moon to overcome rewarding environmental challenges and vanquish deadly enemies
  • Branching story with multiple endings: Your choices decide the fate of the universe and those who inhabit it. Consider your actions and forge your path in an epic, interplanetary tale from a Writers’ Guild award winner
  • Fast-paced, multi-layered combat: Leverage the power of mind and body in frenetic battles against fantastical creatures and unearthly foes
  • Intricate puzzle solving: Put your mind and body to the test to solve otherworldly challenges
  • Retro Sci-Fi art style: Explore colorful and diverse alien landscapes with hand-painted visuals inspired by 1950s retro science fiction

Batora: Lost Haven is available now at the PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store for £19.99/24.99 USD/€24.99, and will be available to purchase on Steam at the same price. For a limited time, the game will also benefit from a 20% launch discount across all available platforms. For more on Batora: Lost Haven, follow along on Twitter and Instagram, join the Discord, and subscribe to the newsletter.

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