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Award-winning Games Label

Team17’s games label was created by independent developers for independent developers.

What we look for are great games, absolutely nothing is more important than that. We love to work with passionate people who want to create and bring great gaming experiences to gamers. Fundamental to our partnership is how we can help you become financially sustainable to help you and your team achieve long term success.

Games, people and independence are all our passions of our label!

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Independent Creators

Three Fields Entertainment
Villa Gorilla
Mouldy Toof Studios
Team Jolly Roger
Firecast Studio

“From day one we’ve been thoroughly impressed by Team 17’s passion for games and its knowledge of making them. Debbie and her team have built an exciting, modern games label that helps creators achieve their goals and keep their independence, while understanding every rigorous box-tick required to get a game released. It’s been a pleasure to work with them during our short time together so far, and we’d encourage other independent studios looking for a partner to get in touch. Unless you’re making a 3D platformer with bats and chameleons – that’s our spot.”

Gavin Price, Playtonic Games (Yooka-Laylee)

"Team17s indie partnership program is more than just a publishing deal. They're experienced developers as well and know what creating a game and bringing it to market is all about. Worms is a prime example of this - an indie game concept they took on board, still going strong nearly 20 years later. The hands on help and resources they've given me on my game The Escapists has been invaluable, and I'm very pleased to be working alongside such a talented and experienced group."

Chris Davis, Mouldy Toof Studios (The Escapists)

"Working with Team17 is ideal for indies. It's a real gem having a publisher that comes from a strong development background as they understand you every step of the way. We've been lucky enough to have the opportunity to be part of their partnership program, and it's nothing short of a dream. They're incredibly supportive and their only interest is helping to establish and maintain great independent developers from all walks of life."

Sony Meek, Unicube (Sheltered)

WE can help YOU

Get the word out with expert marketing, PR, Social Media and cross-promotion opportunities.

Grow and develop your studio with friendly but critical advice.

Produce and Develop your game, by calling on the experience of a very talented team.

Localise, Usability Test, QA, Porting, Co-development are just a few of the benefits.

Sales, Distribution and Lifecycle Management help keep your title relevant post launch. Our Business Development team have won awards for this!

We can supply additional Development Resources to help with production values along with select funding to help get you across the line!

Discoverability improvement by presenting and selling your game to Nintendo, Steam, Amazon, Microsoft, Sony, Apple, Google, Samsung and MANY others.

We have Customer and Community Support people working full time on the message boards of the various platforms to help build Communities and trouble shoot.

Compatibility test your game with up to 150 different machine specifications.

Reach a small army of engaged users through social networks. (Our Worms Facebook page alone has almost one million likes)

PR & Marketing

25 Years

Our internal marketing department can help you position, build a brand and create a plan for your game. We’re gamers ourselves and have a deep knowledge and passion for videogames.

200 SKUs

We have created numerous million unit selling franchises and have experience in generating and circulating global marketing campaigns, managing the creation of promotional materials and creating content for social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc. Join us at expos around the world presenting and letting gamers get hands on with your game.

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