We’re pleased to announce that we will be releasing an update for My Time At Portia on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One in the coming weeks!

This update will include new content and features that are in the PC version, as well as bug fixes and quality of life changes.

In this update, you can expect to see:

  • New main story content and additional ending
  • New side quests – including NPC quests and post-marriage spouse quests
  • New facial types as well as facial hair and decorations
  • Family features – having and adopting babies
  • Birthday selection for players
  • Party system – celebrate birthdays with a birthday party at your workshop!
  • New clothing and furniture
  • Game speed adjustment option – adjust how quickly time passes in game
  • Quality of life changes including; information filter on the map, UI changes (such as time display during fishing), adjustments to drop rates of items and adjustments to mission times.
  • Rumble/vibration features for controllers
  • Multiple crash fixes

Our team are currently looking into incrementally improving console loading times further, as well as addressing the input lag which affects in-game menus and actions and the stuttering which occurs when carrying out certain activities in game (cutting trees, for example). We’ll have more information on this soon.

We’ll also be adding more background music, ambient sounds and various sound effects during cutscenes and in-game, including footstep audio and sound effects when fighting monsters. We’ll be posting a full list of changes when this update is released.

Future updates:

We’ve been collecting player feedback since My Time At Portia launched on consoles earlier this month and are currently investigating the below areas for implementation where possible:

  • Adding voiceover
  • Improvements to text size for better UI visibility
  • Adding grass texture into the Switch version
  • Creating an option to adjust the display area of the game

Keep an eye on the My Time At Portia social channels for further announcements!

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