We’re pleased to announce that a new update for My Time At Portia is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch!

This update includes:

  • Improved loading times (primarily for Nintendo Switch)
  • Voice Overs in English and Chinese
  • Fixes to various performance and stability issues


You can read the full list of patch notes below!


  • Added Voice Overs in English and Chinese
  • Added the display of material sources in the Workshop Handbook diagrams
  • Added a new feature where time can be paused when taking photos
  • Added the ability for your friend/spouse to gain some mood when you accomplish Hazardous Ruins Challenges with them during playing/dating


  • Adjusted Spouse/Helper AI so that they now add fuel to machines and give food to animals before it runs out


  • Fixed various performance and stability issues
  • Fixed scenarios where Items could be duplicated
  • Fixed an issue where the Snailbob enemy wouldn’t disappear when it was killed
  • Fixed an issue where your date would be interrupted when you were riding a mount
  • Fixed some errors in the information on the Skills page
  • Fixed an issue where the ponytail on a female character could not be dyed black
  • Fixed an issue preventing custom reminders from being saved in the calendar
  • Fixed an issue where the Portia Bridge mission could not be triggered in certain scenarios
  • Fixed a crash when loading a save in the Haunted Cave
  • Fixed an issue where Spouse/Helpers would stop working after re-loading a save game
  • Fixed a text issue with Phyllis’ Dream quest
  • Fixed an issue where animations wouldn’t play correctly when kissing your partner
  • Fixed an issue where players could not enter Japanese characters using the system keyboard
  • Fixed an issue where a black screen appears during the Day of Memories event
  • Fixed an issue where the Others photo album was not saving correctly
  • Fixed a rare crash when players were entering multiple cutscene photos into photo frames
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the Simplified Chinese text entry from working correctly

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