The world of Portia is full of beauty and wonder, adventure and mystery. Whether you’re a certified Portian or waiting for your boat to arrive on January 23rd, we’re sure you’re wondering more about how the world of Portia came to be.

Questions such as why you can explore ruins to find items of a previous civilisation? Where are all the high-tech items in people’s daily lives in Portia? What are the strange variety of creatures you encounter outside the town of Portia? Who’s the statue of in the town square? And what’s with all those robot monsters stomping about the world?

Well, we’ve spoken to the production team of My Time At Portia and dug into the story behind Portia and it’s residents…

The story begins many moons ago, 330 years to be exact! It was a time of science and technology, a world of achievement and hope flourished. Then came a terrible war that swept across the whole planet. Powerful weapons were used without mercy or thought, ruin and destruction befell the world. Even the sky could not escape the devastation, dark and dense clouds choked out the sunlight and a thick smoke created an impenetrable mist. Across the land strange monsters and robots wandered, striking fear into the pockets of humanity that remained. Those that survived endured a dark, rough life. This time became known as the ‘abandoned time’, with the church branding it the ‘rotten time’.

Then, from seemingly out of nowhere, hope returned in the form of a hero. That hero, our hero, was Peach. Peach found a way to dispel the clouds and smoke, he inspired and led the survivors of the abandoned time out of the darkness and into the light. Through this fledging stability came the foundations of a steady society and a future for humanity. Peach’s actions earned him the title of hero and humanity showed their gratitude by creating statues of him, all over the world (including Portia’s town square!)

This story is not only contained in these words and the minds of the developers, but are reflected in-game! Portians who take the time to explore the Church of Light will discover four paintings, each depicting the story of how the old world was destroyed and the new world salvaged by Peach. A trip to school in Portia will also result in a history lesson about the world too!

As the new world Peach had pioneered grew, territorial tensions resurfaced amongst humanity. In an attempt to address this the world was divided into two major countries, Duvos and Seesai, as well as some small neighbouring countries.

Duvos commanded the largest population and used force as their primary method of negotiation. It utilised the Church of Light to find and collect weaponary to bolster their armies to try and conquer the world. Seesai, the second largest country after Duvos, is rich in natural resources, creating a nation powered by trade and navigational technology. Despite this, little is known about the country as it refuses to expand it’s relations with the other nations of the world outside of trade. This has led to Seesai being viewed as a mysterious and neutral country, who’s true intents are unknown.

Some of the remaining, smaller countries formed an alliance in order to protect themselves from the Duvos invasion. This act marked the creation of the Freedom Alliance and the forming of the army we know as the Civil Corps. The country where Portia town is located just so happens to be part of the Freedom Alliance, which is why the Civil Corps have a presence in Portia. Be sure to say hi to Remington, Sam and the rest of the Portian Civil Corps when you see them!

Of course, there’s more to Portia than what we’ve told you. Attentive players can discover a photo of Mayor Geller and Russo – which, according to our Developers, shows that Geller and Russo were former comrades in the army and fought together to resist the Duvos invasion. The Developers then let us into a little secret…In the future there will be two officers from DUWOSI arriving in Portia in the future. Who are DUWOSI? What are their intentions? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see…

We hope you enjoyed this brief history of the world of My Time At Portia. There are many more stories to tell, including the tenuous relationship between the Research Center and the Church of Light. What is their purpose? Why are they suspicious of each other?

The answer to that is a story for another time.

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