Hey there Heroes!

Today is the day! The Druids & Dungeons update for Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos has arrived to both Steam and Nintendo Switch! 

This shiny new update comes with a range of new features, that we just cannot wait to share with you! 


Previously inaccessible areas are now available to explore to your heart’s content! Experience handmade dungeons with new tilesets, puzzle structures, and enemies! 🦀 💢

  • Venture through the deserts and beaches of Skull Rock, if you feel brave enough! 
  • Solve challenging puzzles in the depths of the Mines, and swim through the turbulent waters of Slalen Ruins. 
  • Fight endless waves of monsters in the Catacombs, a new infinite combat dungeon! 

You can find details of each dungeon and location here.

gif showing the new features of the rogue heroes update. includes transform with druidic powers! new shops and mini games! explore new handcrafted dungeons!


Choosing the Druid as your class will allow you to transform into 6 different forms to suit your needs! 

  • Dodge attacks and travel with squirrel speed across the overworld, with the agile (and adorable) form of a squirrel! 
  • Swimming has never been easier, with a new aquatic fish form! 
  • Wade through even the deepest mud with ease, as a toad-like creature. 
  • Charm NPCs with your best puppy dog eyes, dig up hidden objects, and de-aggro enemies when you turn into a dog! 
  • When you transform into a lemur, you will be able to leap into the air and turn to stone to stun enemies – ouch! 
  • Take part in snakey shenanigans – turning into a snake will allow you to both attack and debuff enemies. 

gif shows new content from the rogue heroes update. this includes fighting in a dungeon, fighting in a small room full of snakes and all 3 players turning into squirrels.


The quaint little town of Intori just got bigger! The addition of the Goddess Shrine and Monster Shop will see you enhancing your class and selling excess monster parts for gold! 💰 Additionally, you will now be able to move buildings already placed through the Builders Shop! 

 If you have got the itch for competition, why not stop by the Tavern to wager gems, and take part in exciting mini games? 💎✨

 We are also excited to bring you new side quests, items, and difficulty levels, where you will be able to choose between Normal, Hard, and Brutal! 


 Alongside this tasty new content, we have implemented a few changes such as class balance, enemy adjustments, and key fixes! This includes a fix for an issue preventing you from digging in certain spots, as well as some online play issues. 

 For a comprehensive list of fixes, you can refer to the patch notes for this update here.

 That’s all for now, Heroes! We’re excited to welcome you back to the land of Tasos! 

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