Welcome back to the land of Tasos, Heroes!

Rogue Heroes is a homage to classic adventure games with our own twist on rogue-lite elements and we’re bringing a huge update later this month!

So Heroes, prepare for:

🧙‍♀️ A New Class!🧙

You’ve heard of pet the dog… but what if you’re the one who wants to be petted?

The Druid class allows you to transform into 6 different forms!

  • Make like a fish in water! Transform into an aquatic fish-like form to swim through bodies of water.
  • Wade through deep mud as a Croaker, a large toad-like creature.
  • Turn into a dog to charm NPC’s and de-aggro enemies! You’ll also be able locate and dig up hidden objects.
  • Use the form of a squirrel to dodge attacks and travel across the overworld or dungeons quickly.
  • Transform into a lemur to leap into the air, and turn into stone as you slam down and stun enemies!
  • Transform into a snake to both attack and de-buff enemies.

🏰 New Dungeons 🏰

Featuring new handmade dungeons, each of these have a new tileset, puzzle structure, enemies and bosses!

Skull Rock
Location: Overworld A18 (Far Southwest in Overworld)
Monster Level: 20A desert / beach themed dungeon accessed by completing the Rescue Hank sidequest and getting the crab key. Players will have to find pearls and slot them into pedestals matching the design on each pearl, to unlock the boss room near the entrance!
Location: Overworld S1(Far Northeast in Overworld)
Monster Level: 70A mining themed dungeon in the wooded granite hills area! A large three floor dungeon where players will have to activate statues on each floor to unlock the boss room at the bottom. This dungeon features puzzles involving filling and moving minecarts on moveable tracks with pressure plates to activate nearby elements.
Slalen Ruins
Location: Overworld T11 (Far East in the overworld half way between north and south)
Monster Level: 75A water themed dungeon accessed by the new Flipper equipment. Players will have to raise and lower the water level to access different parts of each room…
Catacombs – Infinite Combat Dungeon
A new infinite dungeon focused on combat has been added to the village! Fight through 26 room types randomly chosen for each floor – the difficulty with increase the further you venture, how long can you survive?

🎁 New Shops 🎁

Enhance and add elements to your class at the Goddess Shrine Shop, or sell excess monster parts for gold at the Monster Shop! If you’ve got the itch for a little competition, stop by the Tavern!

And More…!

  • New Side Quests
  • Potion Brewing Stations in Primary Dungeons!
  • New difficulty levels! Choose between Normal, Hard and Brutal.
  • New items! Warp to the overworld fast travel locations with the Warp Medalion, or ‘dash’ in the water, and break through damaged red rocks blocking the path to Slalen Ruins with the Flipper!

The Druids and Dungeons Update for Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos releases March 31st on Steam and Nintendo Switch!

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