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Are you looking for more info on Overcooked! 2? Then you’re in the right place. We’ve compiled this list of frequently asked questions just for you!

When was Overcooked! 2 released?
August 7th 2018

Which platforms is Overcooked! 2 available on?
You can play Overcooked! 2 on Steam (PC, Mac, Linux), Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

What new features are there in the sequel?
Overcooked! 2 features online multiplayer, as well as brand new dynamic kitchens, new recipes, new chefs, and the ability to throw food across kitchens! (The test of a true 3-Star chef!)

We’ve also added in New Game+ and practice mode!

How many recipes are there?
There are 9 main recipes each with multiple variations, as well as 3 new seasonal recipes included in the Kevin’s Christmas Cracker update!

How many chefs are in Overcooked! 2?
There are 24 chefs in Overcooked! 2 (not including the DLC chefs).

We’ve also just added 2 festive chefs as a part of the Kevin’s Christmas Cracker update.

Is my favourite Overcooked chef in the sequel?
Yes! We’ve brought back some familiar Overcooked faces, including fan-favourite Raccoon Chef!

What exactly are “dynamic kitchens”?
‘Dynamic’ kitchens are kitchens that can change on the fly. Be prepared for changes in environment, kitchen layout, and other interferences as you cook your way through the Onion Kingdom!


What is New Game+?
Overcooked! 2 features New Game+ which adds a fourth star to the score system. This is an extra challenge for our seasoned chefs who have have achieved 3 stars on all kitchens in the game.

How many players does Overcooked! 2 support?
Overcooked! 2 supports up to four players in either local or online play. On Nintendo Switch, we also support wireless multiplayer for up to four players.

With up to three local players sharing a console or computer it is then possible to also play with other players online. On Nintendo Switch, when two or three players are in the game locally, online friends can search for and join their game. On Steam, PS4 and Xbox other players can join a game online through matchmaking.

PC/Mac/Linux players can split the keyboard between two people when playing locally. All players will need their own controller or keyboard to join the game when playing online.

Can I team up with random players, or do I need to add people to my friends list?
You can use the in-game lobby/matchmaking system to find other players in the Arcade and Versus modes. For the story/campaign mode – you will need to invite players from your friends list to play together.

Will you be patching online multiplayer into the original Overcooked?
Overcooked was designed and built as a local co-op game and therefore the infrastructure for online multiplayer just isn’t there. We have no plans to do this.

Does Overcooked! 2 support in-game chat?
You’ll be able to communicate with team mates via in-game chat on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Players on Steam and Nintendo Switch will need to use a third-party chat service, such as Steam voice chat, Skype or Discord.

You can join the official Team17 Discord, and meet other Overcooked! players, here: discord.gg/team17

Does Overcooked! 2 have multiple save slots?
Yes, there are three save slots on all platforms.

What resolution does the game play at?
On Nintendo Switch in docked mode, Overcooked! 2 runs at 1080p and in handheld mode it runs at 720p. On PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the game runs at 1080p. On PC, the game supports up to 4K resolution.

I missed out on the pre-order bonus, can I buy the ‘Too Many Cooks’ pack separately?
Yes! There is no need to worry if you were unable to pre-order Overcooked! 2, you can purchase the ‘Too Many Cooks’ pack separately. This DLC pack contains five extra chefs to represent you in the kitchen: Walrus, Monkey, Alien, Calico Cat, and Unicorn! Nintendo Switch players can also purchase an exclusive bonus chef: Platypus!

Why is the Platypus Chef a Nintendo Switch exclusive and will I be able to purchase/download it on other platforms?
The response to Overcooked from Nintendo Switch players has been phenomenal, and we have our dedicated fans all over the world to thank for that!

Nintendo has been a great champion of Overcooked in all regions and worked with us closely on our announcement for Overcooked! 2 at E3 2018 so we thought this would be a great bonus for our passionate Nintendo playerbase.

There are currently no plans to bring the Platypus chef to other platforms.

Are there any plans for DLC?
Yes. Surf ‘n’ Turf, Campfire Cook Off and Night of the Hangry Horde are available now.

We’ve also released a Season Pass for Overcooked! 2. This is priced at £14.99/€16.99/$19.99 on all platforms and will give access to Campfire Cook Off, Night of the Hangry Horde and one more DLC that will be released later this year!

Keep an eye on our social channels for the latest news on Overcooked! 2 and DLC.

What is ‘Kevin’s Christmas Cracker’?
‘Kevin’s Christmas Cracker’ is a free festive update for Overcooked! 2. It includes:

  • Five Christmassy kitchens!
  • Three sweet new recipes: mince pies, Christmas pudding and hot chocolate!
  • Two new chilly chefs – elf and snowman!
  • Practice mode – unlimited time, unlimited orders. Cook as much as you like!

What is included in the Chinese New Year update?
The Chinese New Year update is the second piece of free seasonal content for Overcooked! 2. It includes:

  • Seven beautifully themed kitchens!
  • Two new seasonal recipes: fruit platter and hot pot!
  • Two new seasonal chefs: ornate Chinese dragon and fancy ‘Year of the Pig’ pig chef!
  • New game mode: ‘Survival Mode’ – Every dish served adds precious seconds to the timer, see how long you can survive!

What is Winter Wonderland?

Winter Wonderland is the third piece of free seasonal content for Overcooked! 2. It includes:

  • Five new seasonally dressed kitchens inspired by the 2019 DLC packs (Campfire Cook Off, Night of the Hangry Horde and Carnival of Chaos)
  • Two new chefs – Reindeer Chef and Present Head Chef
  • Horde Mode – now includes festive enemies! (Who knew candy canes could be so terrifying?!)
  • Five seasonal recipes – hot chocolate, pancakes, roast dinners, Christmas puddings and mince pies!

What is the Spring Festival update?

Celebrate the Year of the Rat with this free seasonal update!

  • Cook two delicious seasonal recipes – bubbling hot pots and fresh fruit platters
  • Five new beautifully themed Lunar New Year kitchens
  • Two new chefs added to the roster – rat chef and turtle chef

What languages is Overcooked! 2 available in?
We support a wide number of languages, dependant on platform. Please see the chart below for full details.

Steam Xbox One PlayStation 4 Nintendo Switch
ENGLISH Supported Supported Supported Supported
FRENCH Supported Supported Supported Supported
ITALIAN Supported Supported Supported Supported
GERMAN Supported Supported Supported Supported
SPANISH Supported Supported Supported Supported
SIMPLIFIED CHINESE Supported Supported Supported Supported
JAPANESE Supported Not Supported Supported Supported
KOREAN Supported Not Supported Supported Supported
BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE Supported Not Supported Not Supported Not Supported
POLISH Supported Supported Supported Not Supported
TRADITIONAL CHINESE Supported Not Supported Supported Supported

Which countries is the game available in?
If purchasing Overcooked! 2 and the DLC on Steam, you’ll be able to access the game worldwide. For Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, please see the chart below to see if the digital stores will sell Overcooked! 2 and the DLC in your country.

Nintendo Switch PlayStation 4 Xbox One
Main Game Surf ‘n’ Turf Main Game Surf ‘n’ Turf Main Game Surf ‘n’ Turf











Costa Rica



Czech Republic



El Salvador








Hong Kong



















New Zealand












Saudi Arabia




South Africa








United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom

United States


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