The Neon Abyss Console Update is FINALLY HERE!!

Jump back into the Abyss and discover more with content updates 1.2 and 1.3! There’s lots more to discover! So to get you armed and ready to right the horde, here are some quick rundowns of what each update includes!

Content Update 1.2
  • AUTO-SAVE for every level, you can now continue your runs from the level you left off
  • Item Gallery: In the basement of the bar, you can browse all items that you encountered, you can trial them or ban them. (Peter and Jack are back… unless you want to get rid of them)
  • Item Bans: You can now ban items/pets/weapons in the gallery (Achievement will not be available after a certain number of bans)
  • New Boss: God of Gambling – watch out they know how to count cards!
  • New Challenge room: Put your skill to the test! You will get the reward based on how you perform, try not to get hit
  • New batch of pets

For the full 1.2 patch notes click here

Content Update 1.3 Titans Advent
  • Added The Titan: Prometheus. As the ruler of the new era, the Titan Group finally shows up!
  • Added 2 new special Managers: Cursed Athena and Ares. You can check their specific information at the bar.
  • Added a new normal Boss: God of Makeup.
  • Added 2 new special levels: You need to get a special ticket to enter this level.

Hope you all enjoy this update and if you experience any issues with Neon Abyss please get in touch with our support team here.

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