Hey there, Golfers! 👋 

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re releasing a brand-new mode and cosmetics pack for you to try out, on all platforms! 

As a reminder…

Couch Mode 🛋️

This is a brand-new mode available on the main menu! You’ll be taken to a random level with 9 holes to complete in a short game session (yes, you can have powerups on too!). This exciting new mode can also be used for online play, making it the ultimate casual experience. 

Alongside the new Couch mode will be a new Quickplay option for Local games! You can play pass the pad Golf on a random Course and custom course length within seconds – perfect for getting the party started! 🏃💨

Also new, is The Max Course Length game setting! This nifty little setting allows you to customize the number of holes you’d like to play, from a single hole to all 18!

Keep your friends close, and your pizza closer… 🍕✨

Become the life of the party, with the Golf With Your Friends Pizza Party Pack! This tasty selection of cosmetics for your golf ball is sure to cause envy! Grab a slice here 😏

Couch Mode is a free update that will be available on all platforms (Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam) on November 28th. The Pizza Party Cosmetics Pack will be available on the same date for all platforms except for Nintendo Switch, which due to unforeseen circumstances will be delayed until December 19th.

Get ready for this exciting new update, with the patch notes! This update will feature lots of improvements to the level editor, thanks to some fantastic and much appreciated community feedback, various bug fixes, and new features (did someone say, rename local players?!). Read all about it here!

That’s all for now, Golfers! Be sure to keep up to date on our social channels to be the first to know about future updates! 🏌️‍♂️ 

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