It is now the month of May! That means Yoku’s Island Express is out THIS MONTH… May 29th to be exact.

To celebrate, we’ve released a brand-new story trailer so you can find our just what the heck a dung-beetle postman is doing whizzing around an island made of pinball tables! Check it out…

We’ve also just got back from a whistle-stop tour around Europe where we showed Yoku off to several members of the gaming press. Here’s some of the highlights from the UK media…

“Feels like pure sunshine” – Eurogamer

“A fun, addictive and original take on the Metroidvania formula with a winning personality to match.” – Trusted Reviews

“Strikingly individual and just plain delightful” – The Sixth Axis

“With its lush art style, Ghibli-inspired environments and novel approach to the platform genre, Yoku’s Island Express could be something special” – Alphr

Yoku’s Island Express releases 29th May 2018 on Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and is available to pre-order now with a 10% discount!

A physical release will also be available on consoles on 15th June in Europe and 19th June in the USA!

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