Hello Wormers,

We really hope that you’ve been enjoying Worms World Party Remastered over the last few months. We been listening to your feedback and we know that there are ways that the game can be improved and we’ve been working towards making it a better experience.

• Front end upgraded for a high resolution experience at 1080p.
• The game now runs at 60 fps on recommended specs
• Alt tab issue improved: alt-tabbing/minimizing no longer breaks the game but you will have to click the WWPR shortcut to get back into the game
• Added control scheme page for keyboard in the Option menu
• Various improvements on the pad controls
• Various improvements on the mouse sensitivity

Some of the issues we encountered ended up being harder to fix than we first thought, which delayed this update, but we are committed to supporting Worms World Party Remastered and the awesome Worms Community. We appreciate your patience. Now go drop some concrete donkeys on your enemies…

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