Thanks for the feedback we’ve been getting from you, the Worms community, about how you want Worms W.M.D to continue to evolve. Today’s update brings improvements to performance, bug fixes and a host of balances and tweaks based on the feedback that we’ve been seeing in these forums.

Here’s the full list of changes:

Balances and Tweaks
– Vehicles will now randomly spawn in (5% chance) during Ranked matches instead of at the beginning of the match
– Slightly lowered health of the helicopter (-5 Health)
– Sound of the worm plop increased
– Secondary weapon fuses can now be altered
– The camera will now follow the Sentry Gun Lite when it’s thrown
– Any items under water during sudden death will no longer be visible
– User Generated Content can now be refreshed with a controller
– Girder can now be rotated by holding down a binded key
– Warning beep will now be heard when timer gets too low during Teleport In
– Name and health bars will no longer appear during retreat on rope
– Blow Torch will now destroy barrels when burnt from the top
– Jetpack now has unlimited retreat fuel after placing a girder
– Tweak made to the crafting ingredients for Sheep (-1 Tears of a Worm)
– Tweak made to the crafting ingredients for Jetpack (+1 Banana Bomb Seeds)
– Tweak made to the crafting ingredients for the Mega Buster (+1 Tears of a Worm)
– Tweak made to the crafting ingredients for the Airstrike (+2 Boggy’s Special Sauce)
– Tweaks made to the Cluster Bomb and crafted variants (+2 Boggy’s Special Sauce)
– Improvements to performance
– Fixed graphical corruption in imported landscapes
– Game stays at the correct resolution after minimising and maximising the game on Linux
– Fixed the issue where the input occurs on the game window when it doesn’t have focus
– Fixed an issue where the camera moved whilst crafting during an opponent’s turn
– Fixed an issue where the camera would look at the location of already exploded barrels
– Fixed an issue with the orientation of worm when blasted from vehicle
– Fixed an issue whereby the turn wasn’t handing over if surrendering worms took damage

This is an ongoing process, so keep your feedback coming and the Worms community will continue to shape the future of the Worms W.M.D!

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