Hey Community,

As many of you know this month marks 21 years of Worms!

How time flies right. Your support since 1995 has been incredible and we’re truly humbled to have such an amazing, passionate community of players than literally spans decades.

To mark this year’s occasion we’re releasing the much requested All-Stars content, previously pre-order only, to all players free of charge from today. For those not in the know you’ll be getting full access to new weapons, campaign missions and Worm outfits from titles such as:

– Rocket League
– Orcs Must Die Unchained
– Unturned
– Goat Simulator
– The Escapists
– Yooka-Laylee
– Worms
– Saints Row IV
– Broforce

and more if you play on Steam or Xbox One!

The All-Stars pack will be a content update so you don’t even need to go searching for it, the chances are it’s already found you!

Thanks again for all your support and keep your eyes peeled for more celebration goodness as the month goes on!

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