Today we are pleased to announce we’ve released the Hat & Building Editor update to our Worms W.M.D players on Steam!

This free update utilises the versatility of the Steam Workshop to give all Worms W.M.D players on that platform the ability to design and implement their out Worm hats and usable buildings into the game, both in single and multiplayer modes.

But wait, there’s more! With seamless integration into the existing World Editor tool in Worms W.M.D players can now create whole levels, themes and scenarios by combining the World, Hat & Building Editors and share them with the world.

This update is the latest in a line of free updates to support the Worms W.M.D after the successful launch of the Ranked 2.0, Liberation and Forts Mode patches.

Want to learn more about the update and how to use these brand new features? Then click this link.

As a cherry on the Wormy cake we’ve even put Worms W.M.D on sale at a huge 66% discount on Steam for a limited time, so if you’ve ever thought about getting stuck into the spiritual successor to Worms Armageddon there’s never been a better time. Get Worms W.M.D.

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