Worms: The Board Game smashes through Kickstarter funding goal and surpasses major pledge milestone of $500,000

There will be no ‘Sudden Death’ when the time runs out on the Kickstarter campaign for ‘Worms: The Board Game’, having achieved its funding goal faster than a Jet Pack wearing Worm! Surpassing USD $500,000 in pledges and hitting 16x its original funding goal it’s clear the appetite for the franchise is as strong as it ever has been.

  • Surpassed USD$500,000 in pledges.
  • Achieved its funding goal in an incredible 13 minutes!
  • Has raised 16x its original funding goal with over 4,250 backers.
  • A top-trending project across all categories at launch.
  • One of the top-grossing live tabletop projects on Kickstarter.
  • Daily reveals have showcased extra miniatures, cards, board pieces and sound board being included.

In Worms: The Board Game, players compete to knock out opposing teams of Worms by making clever use of the series’ iconic weaponry, terrain, wind and by taking calculated chances. Will that mine go off or is it a dud? Will your banana bomb blast as bargained for? Whether or not things go according to plan, the chain reaction of (explosive) consequences are set to delight and amuse players from ages 10 and up.

The Kickstarter exclusive editions include a ‘Mayhem’ and ‘Armageddon’ pledge, loaded with sculpts, extra cards, extra components and more (details attached). A retail edition of the game is planned to hit shelves in late 2024. Translations are offered in French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Polish meaning this tabletop adaptation of the beloved series will delight international fans and board gamers alike.

Michael Pattison, CEO, Team17 Digital, said: “The Worms brand has played a huge part in Team17 Digital’s success for nearly 30 years, and we’re really excited that our wriggly critters will be shortly battling away on tables around the world.”

Ronnie Renton, CEO, Mantic Games, said:Worms: The Board Game offers all of the addictive, tactical gameplay and laugh-out-loud moments that you’d expect. We love the videogames, and it’s a joy to bring this feel-good experience to the tabletop for Worms fans everywhere.”

Back the project now on Kickstarter to secure your exclusive edition of Worms: The Board Game.

WORMS board game

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