Worms Rumble will crash land onto both PS4 and PS5 with PlayStation Plus on December 1st 2020! That’s 1 week from now! Get ready to take part in the first real-time Worm warfare with 32 player solo + squad battle royal and deathmatch modes!

Incoming! Take cover and watch this explosive new trailer:

Worms has just turned 25 years old and we invite PlayStation Plus players to join us for a completely new Worms experience! It’s time to rumble!

All PlayStation Plus players will also receive an exclusive cosmetic which you can see here:

Plus engage in cross-play, at your discretion, with PC players across the world!

Join in the hype train conversation and join the Worms Rumble Discord here!

For all you PC players, you can also pre-order the game here on Steam.

For more wormy goodness check out the game’s socials:



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