Lock and load, we have a big update for you!


Introducing… Battlegrounds Bank!

In this new arena, you’ll explore multiple new areas including a cash rich bank and money vault!

Roll into the new arena in Last Worm Standing, Last Squad Standing and Deathmatch. Just watch out for that silver donkey…

Team Deathmatch

If you’ve not jumped in recently, you’ll also want to check out 12 v 12 Team Deathmatch mode. It’s a real blast, you can bank on that!

FREE weekend!

Still not dived in? You can check out Worms Rumble on Steam for free this weekend! Running from 6PM GMT on Thursday 18th – 6PM GMT Monday 22nd February, you’ll have full access to the main game completely free of charge!

Double XP + Currency

By popular demand, this weekend you’ll also be able to earn DOUBLE XP and in-game currency! So you can treat yourself to some fancy new cosmetics!

Double XP and Currency runs in line with the free weekend on Steam (6PM GMT on Thursday 18th – 6PM GMT Monday 22nd February)

Update: We’ve extended the Double XP & currency bonus period to end on 6PM GMT, Wednesday 24th February.


New Premium DLC

Want even more cosmetics?

Check out our two new Premium DLC cosmetic packs that launched today – ‘Cats & Dogs’ and ‘Honor & Death’

Both packs are available on Steam, PS4 and PS5 for £3.99 / $4.99

Upcoming Community Event: Bazooka Bowl

We’ll be hosting the first ever Worms Rumble community event next week!

Bazooka Bowl will be playable on PS4, PS5 and Steam from 3PM GMT, Thursday 25th February to 3PM GMT, Monday 1st March.

We’ll have more information on what you can expect in this event really soon – watch this space!

PlayStation Trophies

We’ve been collecting player feedback since launch and we have been aware of issues affecting trophies on PS5. We know how frustrating this has been, so we’ve worked hard to find a solution.

The good news is that this update includes fixes for the issues affecting the following trophies:

On a Roll (by rolling again in-game, if criteria is met, it will unlock)
Challenger (If another challenge is complete, it will unlock)
Last Worm Standing (If player wins another LWS match, it will unlock)
Better Than Most (finishing in the top 50% of players, it will unlock)

There are still two trophies that may not unlock if you have already met the unlock requirements:

Geared Up (Purchase all customisations)
Tooled Up (Reach level 10 with all weapons)

We are working on a fix for these that will be rolled out in the coming weeks. If you have not yet met the unlock requirements, meeting them after this update should trigger them to unlock.

Full patch notes for this entire update are below…

Fixed an issue where the player could crash when using the grapple gun on an escalator.
Fixed an issue where the player could crash on respawning in the Lab.
Fixed an issue where the player was unable to move when the game starts.
Fixed an issue where the reload animation did not play correctly for each weapons reload time
Fixes for unlocking the following trophies: On a Roll, Challenger, Last Worm Standing, Better than Most.
Fixed an issue where some error messages were automatically dismissed.
Fixed an issue where the player lost focus of the main menu when dismissing an error message.
Fixed an issue where the player’s worm was displayed incorrectly after taking explosive damage.
Fixed an issue where an error message was displayed on accepting an invite to a party with Crossplay disabled.
Fixed an issue that caused the player to lose their progression data.
Fixed an issue where friendly fire damage was incorrectly counting towards Challenge progression.

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