Welcome to the return of Bazooka Bowl!

The Worms Rumble community event is now live!

Here is everything you need to know!

During this four-day event, three teams will battle it out to see which one will become victorious!

Pick a team and get Bazooka kills in ANY game mode to contribute to your team’s victory.

Downtown Dragons

Golden Donkeys

Armageddon Heat

Once you’ve picked your team, you’ll receive an outfit and banner in your team’s colours.

While racking up those points for your team, you’ll also be unlocking customisations that are unique to the Bazooka Bowl event in your own personal progress tracker. You can earn up to three personal rewards!

When the event ends, you will get to see where your team finished an what rewards you won.

1st place:

Pink Mech Suit Outfit
Mechanised Warfare Banner
Mech Bazooka Pink Skin

2nd place:

Mechanised Warfare Banner
Mech Bazooka Pink Skin

3rd place:

Mechanised Warfare Banner

You’ll also be earning double XP and double currency while the event is live!

Good luck and have fun!

Event ends 3PM BST, Monday 18th August.

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