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Welcome to the Worms Rumble FAQ!

On this page you should hopefully find the answers to the most common questions we’ve been asked about Worm’s Rumble on PlayStation 5, 4 and Steam

If you have a question that isn’t answered below feel free to reach out to us on the official Worms Twitter account and we’ll answer your question there. 

Now let’s answer your INCOMIIIIING questions:

How do I access /play?

Worms Rumble Open Beta available to play on PS4, PS5 and Steam! Simply head to the Worms Rumble digital store page on either PlayStation or Steam once the game is live to download and join the fun.

How much is Worms Rumble?

Worms Rumble is available to play for free with PlayStation Plus.

On Steam Worms Rumble retails for £10.99 (€14.99/$14.99) for the standard edition.

What game modes are available?

Three Game Modes

Deathmatch (Solos), Last Worm Standing (Solo Battle Royale) and Last Squad Standing (3-player Squads Battle Royale).

Training Level

Jump into the training mode to familiarise yourself with the game! Try out all the currently available weapons and utilities and try them out in the firing range.

Once you’re kitted up take on the target time trial and race for the fastest time!

Arenas Include:

Missile Mall

Portal Park

Transforming Towers

Play all three levels in Deathmatch, Last Worm and Squad standing each with their own spectacle event to captivate you during matches! But be careful not to give the enemies the upper hand!

Can I customise my Worm?

Of course! There will be a small selection of customisations available to unlock for your worm. This full game features a varied range of customisations from hats, facial features and outfits to voices, worm colours and more!

How do I team up with my friends?

You can invite players into your squad using your platforms native friends list or via Team17 account username, which is automatically generated when you first load up the game.

Your Team17 account name can be found under your PS4 / Steam account name when inviting a friend to your lobby and includes a hashtag with four numbers, for example ‘LordofWorms#1234’.

Can I cross-platform play with my friends?

Yes! If for example you’re playing on PS4 and your friend is on Steam you can invite each other using the Team17 account system detailed above.

No matter which platform you and your friends are playing on in Worms Rumble you’ll be able to squad up!

Where can I share my feedback?

We’re excited to hear what you think about Worms Rumble!

From what you liked, bug fixes and feedback we’d love to hear from you. The best place to share your feedback will be in the feedback channel in our discord or on the steam forums!

Worms Rumble Steam Forums: https://steamcommunity.com/app/1186040/discussions/3/

What weapons are available?

From classic Worms weapons to brand new creations we’ve got a range of weapons and utilities for you to use and master!

What will your favourites be? There’s only one way to find out!

Baseball Bat – Use for melee attacks and to knock back projectiles!

Hand Cannon – Semi-automatic precision pistol that packs a punch!

Assault Rifle – Trusty rapid fire, automatic rifle.

Shotgun – Two barrels with widespread shots, perfect for CQC!

Bazooka – Single fire, explosive rocket – a Worms classic!

Plasma Blaster – A charging, bouncing laser. Great for routing out campers!

Rocket Shield – Directional protection with built in rocket bash to whack enemies

Sentry Launcher – Deploy up to three auto-targeting sentry turrets simultaneously

Sheep Launcher – Launch a High velocity, explosive sheep that hunts down your foes! BAA!

Hammerhead – Unleash a salvo of rockets from the jaws of this powerful beast…


Med Kit – Restore health fast

Energy Drink – Add energy shield

Grenade – Throwable explosive, mean, green and a classic.

Banana Bomb – Not one of your five a day. Clustered fruity destruction.

Holy Hand Grenade – Huge damage for when you really need to smite some worms. HALLELUJAH!

Grapple Gun – Shoot out a chain to ascend and swing around the arenas whilst using your weapons.

Jetpack – Jet out of and into the action! Just watch your fuel…

What performance should I expect on each platform?

Players can expect the following performance:

PS4: 1080p 30fps

PS4 Pro: 1080p 60fps

PS5: 4K 60fps

Steam: Up to 4k and uncapped frames (System depending)

Both PS5 and PS4 Pro run at a native 60fps and we are working on optimisations to increase the standard PS4 framerate. Please follow us on @WormsTeam17 to keep updated.


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