Hey everyone!

We’re incredibly excited to announce that the Worms Rumble beta is now live!

If you signed up to the beta and received a key, you’ll need to activate this on your Steam account to play.

In this beta you’ll be playing Deathmatch in the Missile Mall arena. You will have access to the Hand Cannon, Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Bazooka, Baseball Bat, Grenade, Holy Hand-Grenade and Banana Bomb. There will be daily challenges and customisation unlocks up to level 10, but there is no weapon progression and your progress will not carry over to the full game.

Please remember that this is an early build of the beta so there may be some bugs present and that the weapon, arena and mode set are limited and not reflective of everything we have to bring you at launch.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the game especially around the gameplay, weapons, controls or anything you think might improve your experience. You can leave feedback in our dedicated forum, HERE.

If you encounter any issues or bugs while playing, please post a thread in the Closed Beta – Report A Problem forum.

The beta will end at 8AM BST / 12AM PST on Monday 20th July.

Thanks again for your support with our beta. Enjoy!

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