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Welcome to WARCANA, an upcoming deckbuilding battle royale! Combining a fantasy inspired world with base defence and deck building mechanics, WARCANA pits you against up to 29 other players in a battle royale where you’ll need to play your cards right to reign victorious!
Play your cards right or accept defeat! Watch the new trailer now:

Take up the role of a mighty arcane magician able to wield the ancient magic from five uniquely deadly factions, each with their own distinctive buildings, units, and spells! Build your deck and play cards strategically to control massive hordes of units in a bid to overcome enemies’ defences, securing victory before your own base can fall!

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WARCANA Features:
  • Play Your Cards Right – Construct wisely to unlock and build your deck with powerful cards to help you turn the tide of battle
  • Round Based Battle Royale – Compete to be the last one standing from 30 players – plan, strategise, and build to ensure you’re the last base remaining
  • Epic Battles – Summon hundreds of thousands of units to you army and unleash them on your enemies as walls crumble and towers fall, all while defending your own base
  • Unique Factions – Choose between five unique factions, all with their own distinctive buildings, units, and spells. Will you use the demonic power of the ‘Occult’, or perhaps the mystical force of ‘Life’ as a weapon in your battle
  • Go it Alone – Play at your own pace in the offline modes, with single-player scenarios and hand-crafted challenges to tackle. Or, create your own and share with others in the in-game editor.
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