We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve just enhanced the free Monster Sanctuary demo! This will bring the demo more in line with the current full version and will give more features to play with. It’s time to set out as a Keeper, adventure and collect Monsters!


The biggest change coming is that there are now 7 Languages available in the Demo: English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian and Chinese!

We have also added mouse support from the main game to the demo for all of you mouse and keyboard users!

You can now also choose between both the Female and Male playable Monster Keepers.

Here’s a list of further changes and bug fixes for the demo:

  • There are now full options and settings menu
  • The combat rating has been revamped
  • There is a new Monster, the Tanuki, that can randomly appear in any encounter
  • New items and equipment are now available
  • Monsters have updated and new skills
  • In-game menus are updated
  • Many small bugs have also been fixed

Want to see more? Head over to the Steam store page today and play the updated demo for yourself!

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