Are you ready to start you own, entirely above board and 100% legal, Endswell Medical franchise?

In Rightsized Games new rogue-like resource management sim, it’s up to you to manage your own Endswell Medical franchise! Grow the business, stuff the coffers and meet the demands of an increasingly hungry board of directors, all while keeping your reputation in check, the money flowing, and the bodies buried! 🧟

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As the public-facing arm of Endswell Medical, you’ll need to keep things running above ground (and above board) whilst managing its nefarious underbelly, where the real transformative and lucrative magic happens. Research and develop bioweapons, questionable pharmaceuticals, and dangerous technology to put up for sale to the highest bidder, all while turning a blind eye to any… situations that may arise. 🤫

Of course, eventually the truth will out, and to continue Endswell Medical’s ambitious growth strategy, you’ll have to uproot your operation, grabbing armfuls of money, equipment, and other unmentionables on the way out – enough to help establish a brand-new corporation in a new location – and start the cycle anew! đź’°

  • Research above all: The money won’t make itself, and the most lucrative adventures require a less than ethical path: Deadly bioweapons, questionable pharmaceuticals, illegal technology – nothing is off the table
  • All about the base: Choose from several different biomes to build a base of operations, each with its own opportunities and challenges
  • The end comes for us all: Eventually, the directors’ crimes will catch up with them, so prepare to flee with as much cash, drugs, and research to fund the next Big Pharma in the next town over
  • Management is key to success: Hiring the cheapest labour might sound like a good fit, but ultimately, loose lips sink ships – the right person in the right position can spell the difference between success and a bioweapon on the loose
  • The Director will see you now: Being at the top is tough, and choosing the right director to stand at the helm of the newest Endswell Medical franchise is imperative to success. Each one boasts their own special abilities, buffs, and back stories.

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