Establish, Expand and Extract in Undead Inc.

Greetings Directors in training, and welcome to Undead Inc. If you spotted our presentation during the PC Gaming Show and would like to learn more about our services, you have come to the right place.

Undead Inc. is a high-risk, high-reward roguelike resource management simulator where you establish and manage a local subsidiary of the Endswell Medical Corporation. Build, manage staff, conduct research, and trade in both cutting-edge medical treatments and bleeding-edge bioweapons.

Undead Inc is being developed by Rightsized Games and published by Team17.

The Director will see you now:

As a franchisee of Endswell Medical, you are entrusted to establish and run a successful medical facility – delivering ever-increasing profits for corporate HQ.


Establish a local subsidiary of the Endswell Medical Corporation. With multiple locations for your franchise to be located in, each biome will have new unique features that will keep things fresh while offering different challenges.


You will need to build and expand your offices and research facilities. Hire & manage your staff effectively to maximise efficiency. To satisfy Corporate HQ you will need to ensure you are delivering ever greater profits, legitimate business will only earn you so much – if you want to truly excel you will need to push the boundaries of science and medicine. Leave ethics at the door and research illegal bacteria & viruses to help develop cutting-edge treatments and bioweapons.

Stay in control of your operation and make sure business runs smoothly. Manage suspicion levels by ensuring your staff are loyal, bribe or intimidate politicians and local officials, keep the police off your back and stay one step ahead of your rivals.

Pushing boundaries can be dangerous – ensure you keep hazardous activities in check by providing staff with adequate PPE and safety protocols, keep external interference away and if needed make sure your director is on hand to keep any mishaps ‘in house’.


Losing control is a matter of when, not if… When the time comes, ensure you are ready. Gather any trusted staff, as much money and research as you can carry and make your way to the extraction point before it’s too late. Anything gathered will be of great use in your next franchise…

Remember All’s Well, that Endswell …

Key Features:

Resource Management
Manage patients, cash flow, risks, and maintenance. Keep your operation running smoothly and without… incident.


Rent office space and expand your medical facilities – even underground. Utilise the space for a range of activities both above and below board.

Staff Management

Hire the right staff for the right job. Staff are ranked on skill / cultural fit / stamina determining effectiveness, and you get what you pay for…


Develop new drugs and treatments to help serve your community whilst also secretly researching illegal viruses & bioweapons.

Roguelike game loop

When things go bad, salvage as much money & research as possible to help start your new and improved franchise in a new town.


Take control of unique Directors to help run your facility – each comes with their own perks, special abilities and equipment.

Undead Inc. is coming soon to Steam!

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